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Planning long distance move and professional help

It takes a lot of planning and smart execution of that planning to have a successful long-distance move. Moving has always been a stressful event, no matter how small the move is, you have to plan it well in advance. When you start planning the process, you realize how hard it is to get through this simple-looking event and you would wish to have a teleportation machine to reach the other end of the process in a blink. Planning your move and hiring one of the trustworthy best moving companies for a long-distance are two very difficult tasks of a moving process. And as we know that getting supernatural help is just a dream, let us get to the work and start planning your next move and make it as easy as practically possible.

Start Early

As they say that Well Begun is Half Done, so make sure you start your moving-related planning as soon as possible to have a quick and right start. It is very hard to find the right moving company especially if you try at the last minute. Make sure you don’t leave anything to the last day and plan your move in such a way that you stay calm and sorted right till the end. Planning is the key so make a clear plan so that it is easy for you to execute it.

Make a To-do List in Detail

Now that you know all about your move and moving date, create a detailed to-do list. Make sure you do not leave anything untouched; right from packing material to sorting your goods to unpacking, visualize every single step in your mind to include everything in both your to-do list and moving budget. Once your to-do list is complete, now, schedule each task with a timeline and make sure you complete each task within the given time.

Though it is hard to have an exact moving budget, it makes sense to draft an estimate. Moving budget can vary dramatically for a long-distance move and a local move so make sure you include all the expenses like road taxes, hotel stay, airfare, and moving insurance, etc. in your long-distance moving budget.

De-clutter and Downsize

Before you approach a moving company, make sure you de-clutter your whole household. Moving is the best time to de-clutter and downsize your home. We all know that de-cluttering the house doesn’t only remove the stagnant energies from your house but also saves a lot of money. Most long-distance moving companies charge based on the size of your move and the distance to be traveled.

You can simply donate, trash, or sell that you have sorted out and make a ‘Do Not Pack’ list. Start your decluttering process early and take out everything that you do not want or don’t fit into your new life. You can even plan a garage sale to earn some money by selling some extra stuff like furniture items, art pieces, and/or kitchenware. Paring down your possessions will help you to have the safe transit of your valuable goods especially in a long-distance move.

Hire Reputable and Reliable Professional Movers

Though even a local move is very daunting, it is very important to hire professional movers for a long-distance move. Make sure you hire a reliable and professional moving company and do thorough online and offline research before you finalizing any one company. Select more than three companies to choose from and call in their executives for an in-home moving estimate. Do not rely on a telephonic moving estimate and have everything in writing. Call in their executive to have a visit at your home and show him all your belongings that you want to move. Having a contract in writing will keep all the deals transparent and there will not be any hidden charges. Make sure they mention all the services in detail along with the estimated amount. Once you have an estimate from more than three companies, now you can compare their services and pricing based on what you can choose the right company to do the services for you. Also, make sure your chosen moving company has the working permit, insurance, and is licensed by the Department of Transportation. Read all online reviews and ratings given by the past customers of the company to know their services and after-services well. No company is perfect so you can find 1 or 2 negative reviews but make sure you see how the company has acted on the complaints of their past customers. Good Customer service is one of the major factors that decide the reliability of a company.

Along with all of the above-said tips, there are many other things that you need to keep in mind including packing an essentials bag for your travel and first few days at your new place, visiting your new city at least twice before moving in, and transferring or applying for utility connections, etc.


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