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Police arrest ‘criminal network’ trying to subvert coronation, reveal top cops

Police have destroyed a criminal network that sought to subvert the coronation, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley claimed yesterday.

His unit was belatedly informed of a plan to issue a rape alarm and inflict pain. army Throw paints in horses and processions.


Sir Mark Lawrie defended Metropolitan forces under attack by arresting protesterscredit:

He said: “board member Attempted full identification around the clock. criminal Communication network. “

But Sir Mark said it was six unfortunate activists From the anti-monarchist group Republic A peaceful protest could not proceed.

His unit said it regretted their arrest.

conservative Rep. Michael Fabricant warned that police morale was “at rock bottom” after the apology was issued as directed.

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He added:

Writing in the Evening Standard of London, Sir Mark defended his forces under attack.

he said: coronationwe were very concerned about rapidly developing intelligence images suggesting that the coronation ceremony could suffer.

“This included people deliberately using rape alarms and hollers as part of a protest to inflict pain on warhorses.

“There was also information that people were intent on extensively vandalizing monuments, throwing paint at processions and encroaching on routes.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22305446/police-crime-network-coronation-met-commissioner/ Police arrest ‘criminal network’ trying to subvert coronation, reveal top cops

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