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Functionality and style have also invaded garden designs, especially in London. Posh edible landscape designs have been trending as people become more health conscious but were limited by urban city garden spaces. Still, they offer the opportunity to grow fresh and organic produce even in urban settings while adding beauty and sophistication to outdoor spaces.

You can always have your own edible landscape amidst London’s urban microclimates. Most edible and cold-sensitive plants can survive and thrive throughout all the changing seasons in England’s capital city. Consider landscape designs that you can adopt for a more functional and sophisticated effect.

Some Trendy Edible Landscape Ideas For London Gardens

1.   Tiered Herb Garden

Due to its elegance and practicality, the Tiered Herb Garden is one of those posh edible landscape designs for London gardens.

The use of tiered planters adds a sophisticated and visually appealing element to the garden. It maximizes vertical space, making it ideal for smaller London gardens with limited ground area.

The availability of fresh herbs enhances culinary experiences, allowing residents to enjoy the convenience of having a variety of aromatic herbs at their fingertips.

The combination of style, functionality, and culinary benefits of the Tiered Herb Garden makes it a posh choice for London gardens.

2.   Espalier Fruit Trees

Espalier is a technique of training fruit trees to grow in a flat, two-dimensional form against a wall or fence. Due to its aesthetic appeal and space-saving nature, it can be a stylish edible landscape design for London gardens.

Espaliered fruit trees create intricate patterns and beautiful living art on vertical surfaces by careful pruning and shaping the branches. In compact London gardens, especially fruit trees are great garden upgrades and get creative. They can provide an elegant solution for growing fruit in a limited space while adding a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to the overall garden design.

3.   Potager Garden

A Potager Garden is a stylish edible landscape design that combines ornamental plants with edible ones in an organized and visually pleasing manner. It can be an ideal choice for London Gardens as it seamlessly integrates beauty and functionality.

The Potager Garden creates an elegant and structured look by incorporating raised beds or geometric patterns with low hedges. The inclusion of a diverse selection of vegetables, herbs, and flowers adds color, fragrance, and culinary delight. It can transform the garden into a visually appealing, productive space in the heart of the city.

Additionally, funding the creation of a Potager Garden may use up much of your stashed cash. A credit card rewards program can provide financial benefits and may prove helpful for your renovation needs. It can also earn rewards points or money, which can further enhance the overall value of your project.

4.   Vertical Salad Wall

A Vertical Salad Wall is a stylish edible landscape design that creates a vertical garden using stacked planters or wall-mounted containers to grow various salad greens. It is an ideal choice for London Gardens due to its space-saving nature and visual appeal.


The vertical arrangement adds a modern and contemporary touch to the garden while maximizing limited space. Growing a variety of lettuces, spinach, and other salad greens in this vertical manner provides a fresh and healthy food source. It creates a striking focal point, adding style and functionality to the urban garden setting.

5.Berry Trellis

A Berry Trellis is a stylish edible landscape design that involves training berry bushes, such as raspberries or blackberries, on trellises or arches. It is an ideal choice for London gardens due to its aesthetic appeal and productive nature.


The trellises or arches create a visually striking element, adding vertical interest and elegance to your garden. In addition to the beauty they bring, the berry bushes provide a bountiful harvest of sweet and delicious berries, making the Berry Trellis design a perfect combination of functionality and style for urban gardens in London.

The Bottom Line

Imagination and creativity are limitless, especially in creating your own edible garden in London. You may have weather and space challenges to consider but just think of them as opportunities to be more creative.

You can find more designs and ways to create a remarkable and highly functional edible garden from the insights in this content and from other garden enthusiasts in your community.


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