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Pride’s police say you can’t wear the Thin Blue Line emblem

Police officers banned from wearing badges in memory of colleagues killed in incident Duties – just in case you get offended LGBT+ community.

Families of fallen police officers are reminded today that Metropolitan Museum of Art officers may not wear the Thin Blue Line emblem (a black-and-white Union flag with a thin blue horizontal line) when serving at today’s Pride Celebration. He reacted angrily to the “totally insane” order not to. London.

While the badge is intended as a “mark of remembrance and respect” for those who paid the ultimate price to maintain law and order, a similar symbol based on the American flag is used by American transphobic far-right groups and Associated. we.

Debbie Adlum, the mother of the murdered Constable Andrew Harper, has vehemently defended the British badge, saying it symbolizes her son’s “commitment to the military”.

“Since we lost Andrew, we have considered the Thin Blue Line image to be a universal memorial to the loss of these officers,” she told the Mail on Sunday. Told.

Police officers are prohibited from wearing badges (pictured in the center of police officers’ chests) commemorating their colleagues who died in the line of duty due to fear of offending the LGBT+ community.

The family of a fallen police officer today reacted angrily to a

The family of a fallen police officer today reacted angrily to a “totally insane” order that police officers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art should not wear the Thin Blue Line emblem (Pictured: Andrew, who died in 2019.・Harper PC)

Politicians, dignitaries and campaigners also condemned the decision. One former police officer, Henry Miller, said the Metropolitan Railroad had “lost his mind on this matter.”

“No one in this country is saying the Thin Blue Line is political,” added Miller, who founded the free speech movement Fair Cop. I’m completely insane. We have seen police officers wear all sorts of insignia related to political causes, none of which they should.

“But one thing the police can do is remember their colleagues.”

Former Interior Minister Priti Patel said, “This is the result of vested interests pushing hard-working police officers with political correctness and false narratives.” She added that the badge is “a policing tribute to the sacrifices police officers make to serve and the threats they face every day.”

In a murder that shocked the nation in 2019, PC Harper, 28, was killed in a Berkshire robbery after being dragged into his getaway car by teens.

“I worry that there are people who want to adopt him,” said his mother, Debbie. [the badge] over there. I hope today is not the beginning of the end for the Thin Blue Line and all that it means for us in the UK. “

Yesterday, over 1.5 million people took part in London’s Pride March, the largest celebration of the LGBT+ community ever in the UK.

Advice from the Metropolitan Railroad commander prior to the celebration was, “Do not wear the ‘Thin Blue Line’ badge/patch while guarding this event.”

“These are tied to far-right and anti-trans groups in the United States, and this year’s Pride is very focused on the trans community. It is expected that

Of the hundreds of police officers policing the march, not a single one appeared to be wearing a Thin Blue Line badge.

But Paul Deller, general secretary of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents more than 30,000 police officers, said, “This symbol is a symbol of pride for our country and a tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our people.” I believe it shows,” he said.

And former Detective Chief Inspector Paul Mullery, from Essex, said: “There are gay police officers, black police officers, every kind of police officer you can think of who proudly wear this badge.” I have a transgender friend who wears the Thin Blue Line badge.

“This is a badge of honor, worn within the British police force to commemorate those who have died. It has nothing to do with politics or the United States.”

Their comments were echoed by Bryn Hughes, who killed his daughter Nicola Hughes along with fellow police officer Fiona Bourne in a gun and grenade ambush in Tameside, Greater Manchester in 2012.

Police officers on duty at yesterday's London Pride Celebration were banned from wearing black-and-white union flags with thin blue horizontal lines (Pictured: Police officers at today's London Pride march)

Police were banned from wearing black and white union flags with thin blue horizontal stripes when on duty at a pride celebration in London yesterday (Pictured: Police officers attending today’s London Pride March)

“The symbol represents the police officer’s blue line, and the meaning is important when you lose someone like I did,” he said.

“I don’t consider it far right and most police officers would be sensitive to these issues.”

“I wouldn’t be offended by this badge in the slightest,” said Miranda Yardley, who claimed to be born male but now a transsexual after surgery. We all know police work is hard.

“Metropolitan Museum leaders, like all sexual misconduct cases, need to solve their own problems.” Appeared.

The movement was a response to Black Lives Matter, following the death of several police officers. Controversy arose when the flag was used by white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

However, in the UK it has been worn by police since around 2015 and has not been politicized.

Last year, a spokesman for the mayor of London said it was “a show of friendship between police families and is generally accepted as supporting a number of police charities, including those supporting survivors of police officers who have died in the line of duty.” It is being done,” he said.

Some police forces, such as Hertfordshire, have official uniform regulations that prohibit officers from wearing badges, while others, such as Lancashire, specifically allow it.

But in most cases it is at the Chief Constable’s discretion and is not included in any written instruction.

Last week, Essex Police Chief Sergeant Ben Julian Harrington posted a photo of himself on social media of his tactical vest and Thin Blue Line badge, in “a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice of the police force”. said to show.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s dress code requires officers not to wear “badges that advertise causes, beliefs or philanthropy.” They deviate from our corporate identity and undermine corporate impartiality. [Met]’.

But military forces across the UK have carried rainbow flags supporting LGBT rights on patrol cars, and police have kneeled at rallies saying black lives matter, both of which are political gestures. It is considered

Conservative MP Tim Laughton said: “Wake forces are trying to discredit symbols associated with fundraising to help the families of the martyrs.”

“If the Awakened Warriors of Law and Order try to show everyone just how PCs they are, crime could be curbed if they were just as hard at catching criminals. unknown.”

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12254749/Police-Pride-told-wear-Blue-Line-emblem.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 Pride’s police say you can’t wear the Thin Blue Line emblem

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