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Progressive Slots Online – How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Online casino games have consistently proven to be a lucrative, entertaining activity for those wishing to try their luck with the house. If you are one of those individuals and want to win more than you lose, following these simple steps may be the right move for you while playing online slots!

If your interest is piqued by points and lines in games such as blackjack or baccarat, start playing progressive jackpot slots online at a trusted online casino like bet365. The simplest way to understand how progressive jackpot slots work is to think about how their big-paying free spins are awarded. Should you hit a pay-line in a progressive slot, for example, the game will award you with any wins that occur that line. The bigger your win on that line, the wager made on that line, the greater the reward! This is where the term ‘progressive’ comes into play.

You can reach this point in 3 different ways:

  1. The first is by hitting the jackpot. Once you’ve hit the jackpot (and, of course, you should aim for a progressive jackpot slot that has some generous rewards to do so), you will be awarded with free spins that can be used on the reels. The greater your winnings on these reels, the more free spins that will be awarded to you!
  2. The second way to reach the progressive jackpot is by hitting a payout. Payouts in progressive slots are just as they sound – you will be awarded coins for all wins once a line or a set of reels on which you have wagered has reached its payout.
  3. The third way to earn big on a progressive slot is by using the time-matcher feature, which is found in most high-end online slots that offer payouts (think of this as the bonus round for high-stakes slots). The time-matcher option allows online slots players to modify their pace on the reels by setting timers on each of the joysticks, which will enable you to collect more coins per spin.

Once you’ve gotten to the progressive jackpot, there are tons of winnings at your disposal. For example, suppose you hit a pay line in a $0.25 progressive slot, and your line is valued at $5.00. In that case, you will be awarded 20 free spins that can be used on any payline you want, and the payout is a minimum of $100.00!

If you combine this with the payouts that come with hitting a win on the first 4 lines, you will be awarded a total of $50.00, which makes your progressive jackpot payout $150.00. Knowing the potential of these progressive jackpots is important because if you want to win them, you need to understand how they work and be able to adjust your playing strategies accordingly.

Here are the winning strategies for progressive slots:

  • 1) Always play a progressive slot and then hit the progressive jackpot

Using this method will ensure that you get the most from a progressive slot because you will be able to use your free spins on every pay line that matches your wagers. This strategy will also ensure that you make the most amount of money from a progressive slot, but it will lessen the impact you could have if you win. For example, if you hit $5.00 on your first line, you will be awarded 20 free spins if the value of your line hits $150.

  • 2) Hit a payout and then hit the progressive jackpot

This method will allow you to get a bonus from both regular online slots and the jackpot play. While it will cost you more, this method will give you the best chance of winning both installments. Progressive slots are a great way to win big at an online casino, especially considering they offer huge payouts, bonuses and free spins, which can all be combined for bigger wins. 

Learning how to win big on progressive slots is easy if you keep these strategies in mind. Progressive slots offer more than a way to get rich; if used properly, they will also allow you to make the most out of your online casino experience.

  • 3) Look for the time-matcher bonus to reach your progressive jackpot, and then hit it

This bonus will not only reward you with payouts, but it will also double the amount of your wagers. Time-matching bonuses are classified into two different types: timed and jackpot. 

If you’re playing at a progressive online casino with a time-matcher bonus, you need to play differently than if you were playing at an ordinary casino. That’s because the progressive slot you’re playing has a timer that can be used to modify your pace on the reels, and it will award you more coins than just regular online slots.

  • Why Online Slots Are The Next Big Thing In Online Casino Gaming

The casinos are now feeling the rise of online gaming in online casino slots. Slots are exactly what it sounds like, and they involve the player using three or more “virtual” coins to win. The online slots industry is booming, and it’s expected to increase in the next few years.

  • If you’re new to online slots, here’s a rundown of how they work:

They have three reels and pay out on every line when that line is hit. They are based on a random number generator (RNG). The best part about online slots is that you can play them anywhere you have internet access – this means they’re perfect for mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets.

Online casinos have a wide variety of slots to choose from, ranging from table games to video slots. Slots are some of the simplest games to play, and they allow bettors to win big in an easy fashion. Online slots use the same concepts as they do in the casino on land – these include bonus rounds, payouts, progressive jackpots, and better odds in general.

  • Conclusion

As you can see, online slots are a great way to win big – as you will learn in this guide, there are many ways to make money with slots. This includes winning the progressive jackpots and using your free spins where possible. Online slots offer greater potential than land-based games, which is why many people play them.


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