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Properly Mattress Removal London

If it’s time for you to free yourself of an old or undesirable mattress, you probably know that mattress disposal can be difficult.

Mattresses can’t be thrown out with everyday garbage.

For some individuals, simply leaving the mattress on the curbside or dumping it in a rubbish skip is enough of a solution. However, these mattresses might end up in a landfill, which goes against the UK’s efforts in trying to combat this environmental crisis. So, how do you get rid of your old mattress without worrying that you’re contributing to landfill sites or degrading the environment in one way or another?

Properly Mattress Removal London

Why Is Old Mattress Removal Such a Challenge in London?

If you choose to deal with it on your own, most of the alternatives for mattress disposal will need lots of valuable time and plenty of effort on your part.

Many mattress removal services are environmentally damaging too. Companies will send your mattress directly to a landfill. That’s the worst possible outcome for your mattress because it needs at least 20 years to decompose itself.

Household Waste Recycling Centres offer free mattress recycling services to their residents. Recycling may seem like the most possible way of dealing with the challenge, but this can be an equally challenging task if you don’t have a large car to haul it to the nearest council tip. Also, the recycling centre might be further than the mattress owner is willing to drive to get to. The challenge is even bigger for businesses, as council tips do not provide commercial waste management so a hotel cannot take their old mattresses for recycling. In instances where the council is willing to make flexibility for businesses, they’d have to pay for the service.

The good news is that we have a few eco-friendly and legal ways to get the job done. So please when you do decide to dispose of a mattress in London consider the following methods:

  1. Sell it

You could sell your mattress if it’s still in usable condition. You might sell it online, using second-hand retail sites such as eBay or Gumtree in London. However, you need to know that nobody will pay good money for a used mattress regardless of its state.

  1. Recycle it

Although you can’t easily throw away your mattress, your local recycling centre will most likely take it off your hands.

  1. Council collection

Your local council’s will list your nearest recycling centres and show you what materials they do or don’t accept. At a recycling centre the materials of your mattress can be broken down into individual components and made into new products.

  1. Donate it to a worthy charity

Charities such as the British Heart Foundation, The Red Cross, or The Salvation Army are always looking for good-condition mattress donations.

  1. Return to your mattress retailer

If you purchase a new one, a mattress dealer can form a partnership with a furniture recycling group, allowing them to take in your old mattress.

  1. Use a company that provides a mattress removal service

Most old mattresses can’t be donated and let’s face it nobody is going to buy your worn out mattress. Anyways, that doesn’t mean you should give up and let them increase dust on your property. Instead, put your trust in a London mattress removal company that will remove and recycle your mattress at an affordable fee.


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