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Prunk brings Le Funk with this selection from his label PIV Records

NILZ PRONK, better known as Prunk, founded Amsterdam-based label PIV Records in 2015.

Since then, PIV has developed a house sound inspired by the New York and Chicago electronic music scenes of the 80’s and 90’s.

Seven years later, PIV organizes national and international club nights, events and festivals, with regular appearances in Berlin, Ibiza, London and New York.

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They have performed on some of the world’s most popular stages including Tomorrowland, Defected Croatia and the annual PIV Festival in their hometown of Amsterdam.

For the recently released new LP “Le Funk”, we asked Prunk to pick 10 highlight tracks from the label over the last 8 years.

Hear and read what he had to say about the music below.

SAM – Angry Laughter

This is the absolute number 1 that changed our label. This track was #1 on Beatport for weeks and was a game changer for all DJ sets. After this hit, we started touring with the label and got to do a lot of performances with SAM.


This track by RUZE has gone viral on Tiktok and we hear this song a lot. The record also spent many weeks at number 1 on beatport. Keep an eye out for these local talents as they break out this year with a new album from our label.

Jaden Thompson – Thirsty Eyes

Jaden is a family friend and this was his first release on our label. We made a name for ourselves in the UK with this record.

M-High – Tomorrow is another day

It was a completely new sound to me at the time, so it’s one of my favorite tracks from the label, a ‘masterpiece’. When I put this EP online, I got a lot of questions about who this producer was. M-High has been his A&R for two years and is also a PIV resident.

Dennis Quinn – Shantae

This beautiful song was released just as covid hit. It was a more soulful house track than her other releases, but it did great, especially on her Spotify. We sometimes call Dennis Quinn the Dutch Kelly Chandler ;-)

Roland Knights – Chicago Soul

Of course, don’t leave our first release off this list. I am very grateful to Roland for wanting his first release. Because this EP is still the music we want to link with our label.

Robbie Dougherty – It’s My Beat

We had to wait almost two years for this record to be released. This record was in great demand and we are proud to say that it is still at the top of the charts.

Chris Stussy – See & Believing (Kolter Remix)

My favorite remix on the ‘Kolter’ label, one of the best house producers at the moment. The record has been in the beatport top 100 for two years.

Bas Roos – Brother Love

Very happy with this as it was our first number one that I remember well and from that moment on we knew we were on the right track.

Plank – Through the Walls

This song was personally a switch in my life. It’s been a rough time, but my career is on the rise after releasing this EP. Even now, when I go to live shows, I get a lot of requests for this song.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/music/21571335/prunk-brings-le-funk-with-this-selection-from-his-label-piv-records/ Prunk brings Le Funk with this selection from his label PIV Records

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