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Reliable Tips to help You Find Clinical Research Jobs

Are clinical research jobs marketable in Singapore? Many people, especially those who wish to start their clinical research institute, wonder if this course is commercial as a career. But, the answer is yes, clinical research is marketable and one of the broad medical courses you can take. With a clinical research certificate, you can work as a volunteer in different medical institutes; you can start your institute or opt to get employed, for that matter.

For those who seek to find clinical research jobs, how do you go about it? Here are some tips to help find a good clinical research job in Singapore.

Research on jobs sites

Now the job searching methods have changed since people do not solely rely on the traditional way of walking in the office asking for a job. With the digital world, different job search websites have been set up to connect employers and employees. So, search for the best reputable job search websites in Singapore and search for companies seeking to hire your services. Apply to as many jobs as possible, and you never know! Your future company may be in one of the institutes you apply to.

Reliable Tips to help You Find Clinical Research Jobs


This is a great idea if you don’t want to wait until you secure a paying job. Working as a volunteer will help build your CV while giving you exposure. Also, huge institutes are always looking for people with great experience in this field. So after working for a while, you may have a high chance of securing better-paying jobs since you have experience, unlike someone who waited to secure a paying job instead.

Start as an intern

Working as an intern is another great way to secure a clinical research field. As we all know, interns are not paid well as they are still under supervision. But it is a good place to start as well. Internships are just like volunteering, only that the interns are paid a certain amount of money on services they lend. One crucial thing to note is that most people who start as interns end up securing jobs in the same companies where they deliver exceptional services and show dedication in their work.

Ask for referrals from others.

Do you have a relative or friend who works in the clinical research field or any related career? Don’t waste the chance of asking them for a referral. Getting a referral from someone who has been in the industry has more chances of getting you a job than other discussed methods. This person has made good networks with other professionals, and they trust his judgment about your work ethic. So, the chances of giving you an opportunity would be so high.

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A course in clinical research can earn you a lucrative career in Singapore. If possible, do a degree in this field as it is more marketable than a diploma or certificate. If you want to work with an institute before setting up your institute, use the above tips to help you secure employment. If you opt to set up your institute, make sure to follow the required regulations when applying for certification.


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