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Romford Alderman seeks feedback on his performance

Romford City Council members are asking residents to provide feedback on their performance as part of the review.

David Taylor says people don’t have to wait for elections to voice their opinions on politicians, calling on residents to let them know he needs to improve.

The Conservative MP, who was elected to St Edwards’ parliamentary seat in May, also called on his colleagues on the Havering Council to contribute.

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“Whether residents are disappointed or happy with how city council members are doing, it’s important to me to hear what they have to say,” Cllr Taylor said.

“Most employees are required to complete annual performance reviews, but us politicians are really just getting evaluated at the ballot box. I think.”

People can rate Cllr Taylor’s performance out of 10 and provide feedback on how well he’s doing.

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Comments can be left anonymous, and after one month of evaluation, Cllr Taylor promised to publish the review in January.

“We have already identified areas where we know we need to improve,” he added.

“But it’s the residents who decide.”

To participate, www.davidtaylor.online/rate.

https://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/23201630.romford-councillor-asks-feedback-performance/?ref=rss Romford Alderman seeks feedback on his performance

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