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Rylan Clarke and Jeremy Vine deny BBC hosts accused of paying teenagers for sexual photos

Rylan Clarke and Jeremy Vine have both denied being BBC stars who allegedly paid teenagers for sexual photos.

the sun revealed today The dismissed celebrity host has been accused of giving the boy more than £35,000 since he was 17 in exchange for his lewd image.


Rylan Clarke filming BBC travelogue in ItalyCredit: Getty
Jeremy Vine will host Radio 2 as usual on Monday


Jeremy Vine will host Radio 2 as usual on MondayCredit: Rex

rerunthe 34-year-old, co-host of Beebe’s Eurovision coverage and filming the agency’s travelogue, was the first to react to the social media allegations.

Former X Factor Contestant Shares Meme Of Oscar Slapped Actor Will Smith “I don’t know why my name is coming up, but it’s about that article on The Sun – it’s not me, baby.

“We’re filming a show right now. Italy Please keep my name out of your mouth for the BBC. ”

vine58 years old, news program host. radio 2tweeted: “I just want to say that I am very much looking forward to hosting a radio show on Monday.

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“Whoever the ‘BBC presenter’ of the news is, I’ll give you the same message that Rylan said earlier. It’s definitely not me.”

The unnamed BBC top star is on hiatus pending an investigation into allegations that he paid a teenager for sexual photos.

The alleged recipient’s mother said she used the cash to fund her fraudulent activities.

She added of the star: “I feel sick when I see him on TV.

“I blame this BBC The man who ruined my child’s life.

“Take mine child’s innocence and give the money crack cocaine It could kill my child. ”

Last night, a familiar host known to millions left the broadcast while the BBC investigated his mother’s bombshell remarks.

The family complained to the BBC about the man’s behavior on 19 May, pleading with him to “stop sending him cash”.

they are their child using money To fund their spiraling crack cocaine addiction.

Last night, an outraged mother described how her child went from “a feisty kid to a ghostly crack addict” in just three years.

They approached The Sun and made it clear they didn’t want to be paid.

“All I want is for this man to stop buying my child sexual photos and to stop funding my child’s drug habits,” the mother said. said.

She told how the now 20-year-old showed her an online bank statement containing numerous deposits from the star.

Holding back tears, she added: “There was a lot of money, hundreds and thousands of pounds at a time,” she said.

“One time he sent me a lump sum of £5,000 in exchange for sexually explicit photos of my child.”

The vulgar messages allegedly started in 2020, when the young man was 17 years old.

The BBC host never hid his identity and even sent pictures of himself at work, according to his family.

She said she was told the star demanded a “performance” and heartbreakingly said her child would “go all out.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “We take any allegations very seriously and have processes in place to deal with them proactively.”

“As part of that, when we receive information that requires further investigation or consideration, we will take steps to do so.

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“This includes actively trying to speak to those who have contacted us for further details and understanding of the situation.”

“At any point, if new information comes to light or is provided through newspapers, it will be dealt with appropriately according to our internal processes,” he added.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22982630/rylan-clark-jeremy-vine-bbc-presenter-accused-off-air/ Rylan Clarke and Jeremy Vine deny BBC hosts accused of paying teenagers for sexual photos

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