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Sadiq Khan’s TV ad for ULEZ expansion investigated amid ‘misleading’ claims

of advertising standards bureau said it had received 370 complaints claiming it was “misleading.”

Transportation in LondonAn ad promoting an expansion for , states:London There is an urgent air quality problem affecting the health of Londoners. “

The ad aims to raise awareness of the upcoming expansion to the Geater London perimeter on August 29th and encourage people to check to see if their vehicles are compliant.

then mayor of london Sadik KhanHe claims the capital’s toxic air has led to the premature deaths of thousands of Londoners, and he hopes the expansion will reduce health risks.

The expansion has faced opposition from motorists and borough councils concerned they are driving non-compliant vehicles that are paying £12.50 a day to drive within the state. increase. Urez,

ASA notifies complainant that it is requesting evidence from TfL to support its allegations, stating: It depends on many factors and requires evidence from the TFL, so it can take some time. “

TfL said it provided evidence that “ULEZ expansions help clean up poor air quality,” and ASA probes are “standard practice” for brands and companies.

However, Tory MP Nick Rogers said: It does nothing to improve air quality.


“It is disingenuous for TfL to imply that the ULEZ expansion will significantly clean the air in London.

“Sadiq Khan has listened to London and put an end to this harmful policy that hits our city’s poorest the hardest, and pursues policies that have a much better chance of cleaning the air in London. I have to.”

An ASA spokesperson said: Complainants allege that the advertisement is misleading.

“We are currently investigating to determine if there is any basis for further action.”

Officials did not say anything other than who spoke, “to avoid influencing the investigation.”

A TfL spokesperson said:

“Tackling air quality is an emotional issue and we know the ASA has been contacted by some members of the public.

“As is standard practice with the ASA, they are asking for additional information and provide clear evidence of how the ULEZ expansion will help clean up poor quality air throughout the capital.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/tv-advert-sadiq-khan-ulez-zone-asa-b1062379.html Sadiq Khan’s TV ad for ULEZ expansion investigated amid ‘misleading’ claims

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