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Serving and Former Met Officers Guilty of Sending Severely Offensive Messages

Judge branded comments “disgusting” and “abhorrent” from Metropolitan Police Department officer and former constable convicted of sending highly offensive messages in WhatsApp group with Sarah Everard killer was attached.

Constables William Neville, 34, and Jonathon Coban, 35, and former PC Joel Borders, 45, were members of a chat called “Bottles and Stoppers” along with Wayne Cousins.

Neville was acquitted of sending the flagrantly offensive message, but two of his colleagues were convicted on Wednesday after trials at Westminster Magistrate’s Court in July.

Borders and Cobban shared what was claimed to be a “joke” on April 5, 2019 about using tasers on children and people with disabilities.

The pair also exchanged racist messages Feltham called “dirty” Hounslow as “Somalian Shit” in June of the same year.

In a correspondence dated April 5 of that year, Borders wrote:

Coban replied: I want to see which one reacts better in a cat or dog taser test. I think the cat will get more angry and the dog will get fed up. I want to test this theory. Children are the same. Zap zap zap the little fuck*****.

Borders suggested that prosecutors add “downys,” a term used to refer to people with Down’s syndrome, to the list.

Joel Borders exchanged messages with Met Police colleague Jonathon Cobban (PA).

(PA wire)

give a verdict on city ​​of london Magistrate’s Court Judge Sarah Turnock branded the comments “abhorrent,” and Borders “shows a disabled attitude by adding it to Coban’s list of disgusting victims.” said.

She added: “To be honest, it makes me sick to think that police officers are joking about using firearms and tasers in this way.”

On April 25, 2019, Borders joked about a female colleague. He called the colleague a “despicable bitch” who “attracted him” and was jailed for rape and beatings.

The judge explained that the term was “misogynistic and offensive in nature, and a clear example of blaming the victim.”

Presenting evidence, each defendant dismissed many of the comments they made as examples of “dark humor.”

However, the judge dismissed this explanation, deciding that at least the extensive police training they received meant that they were aware of the public reaction to their messages.

In contrast to defendants’ evidence that the messages about Hounslow “celebrated” the region’s “vibration and diversity,” the judge said they exhibited “deeply racist attitudes.” said.

Judge Turnock said: The difference in humor and professionalism they present to the world reinforces the conclusion that each defendant knew that the publication of these comments would cause grave discomfort to the public and those concerned with these messages. It just helps you do that.

To be honest, it disgusts me to think that police officers are joking about using firearms and tasers in this way.

Judge Sarah Turnock

“Thus, the WhatsApp group where these messages were posted appeared to have been viewed by the defendants as a safe place to engage with a small number of like-minded individuals, where controversial and I was able to freely share highly offensive messages without fear of retaliation.”

Cobain was found guilty of three counts, including one related to a comment in which a domestic violence survivor claimed to “love it…that’s why they repeat victims so often.”

He was acquitted of two charges related to his interactions with Neville, while Borders was convicted of all five charges.

Neville has been accused of “playing out a rape fantasy” for detaining a teenage girl, calling it a “struggling and snuggling act.”

He said in August 2019:

But Judge Turnock found the term to refer to skills learned during police training, and said the message itself did not imply that the behavior was sexually motivated. .

“From the message in question, it is reasonable to infer that William Neville exercised undue force over the girl in question, or that his actions were in some way sexually motivated. I cannot accept that.

Prosecutors also allege that Neville made Islamophobic remarks in response to messages from Coban about the mosque, to which Neville replied:

However, the judge said the thread was “extremely tasteless and offensive in its nature” but did not meet the criteria for serious offense.

Neville smiled when both charges against him were cleared and he was allowed to leave the docks.

Court painter’s sketches of Jonathon Coban (middle) and Joel Borders (right) during their trial (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

(PA Archive)

Borders kept his eyes on the ceiling and Cobain remained expressionless as the verdict was handed down.

The two will be sentenced in the Westminster Magistrate’s Court on 2 November.

Sal Naseem, regional director of the Independent Police Action Service, said the comments were “inexcusable” and “particularly offensive” in light of their profession.

“Social media is no hiding place for this kind of opinion,” he said.

“Such behavior seriously undermines public trust in the police. It is part of our role to eradicate it and ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.” , as well as the role of the police themselves.”

Watchdog added that now that the criminal case is over, the police will move forward with disciplinary matters.

London Metropolitan Police apologized for their actions and promised to proceed with internal fraud proceedings “without delay”.

Commander John Savell said, “The behavior of these officers is despicable and I condemn them for sending such a grossly offensive and offensive message. It is amazing that

“We expect our officers to have the highest standards of conduct. We are stepping up our efforts to

“We deeply apologize for the disappointment these officers have caused the public and our colleagues at the Met.”

Rosemary Ainsley, head of the Crown Public Prosecutor’s Office (CPS) Special Crime Division, vowed that such crimes would always be dealt with firmly by the CPS, adding: Offensive messages to others.

“With these verdicts, the court agreed that not only were they shocking or offensive jokes, they amounted to criminal conduct.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “The abhorrent messages exchanged between these two police officers are shameful and it is right that they have been convicted. It is important that our police can be trusted, so that police officers found responsible for sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, disabilityism, bullying, or harassment , undeserved and must wear the uniform of the Metropolitan.

“I have faith in my teacher. Mark Rowley It’s the reforms the London Commissioner needs, and he understands the scale and urgency of the task at hand. Sir Mark has a clear and comprehensive plan to restore public trust and confidence in the police, including pursuing misconduct by officers of all ranks.

“Work has already begun in this area, and Baroness Casey continues to lead an independent review of MET culture and standards. Essential for scrutinizing police processes and standards of conduct across the organization among staff.

“I want to assure the people of London that the Metropolitan and its leadership will remain committed to delivering on these commitments.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/sarah-everard-mark-rowley-feltham-hounslow-city-of-london-b2172268.html Serving and Former Met Officers Guilty of Sending Severely Offensive Messages

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