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Seven reasons why you need software to manage inventory?

Inventory management is the philosophy and procedures your organization must have to manage your maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory. Also, they are the elements required to keep your assets and instrumentality functioning correctly. So its necessary to keep a charge of your inventory.

To manage your inventory in a better way, inventory management software like Fishbowl Inventory can be of great help. They provide varied kinds of services assisting you in everything from buying inventory to storing to keeping track of it.

The seven reasons why one needs software to manage inventory management are as follows:
It is crucial for a company these days to know its inventory to realize economic and quick operations, that too, at a reasonable value. Effective inventory management helps reduce prices that keep accounts and finances under control. From a customer’s purpose of reading, it helps you produce higher client services through quick delivery and low shipping charges, hence, meeting client expectations.

1.You ordeal frequent stock-outs:
For many tiny businesses, running out of stock may be a huge no-no. If the customers can’t find your product, it is a direct revenue loss and may also be a loss in brand loyalty. This can be a certain sign that your business may gain an advantage from exploiting online inventory management to mechanically track inventory levels and place orders after they are falling hazardously low.

This can be additionally true if you’ve got unnecessarily high levels of stock seizing houses in your warehouse. To put it in simple words, Bad stock management can be counter-productive to the operations and supply of your business.

  1. Managing client orders could be a drag:

As we tend to all understand, once you’ve got a non-inheritable client, it’s even more important to keep them happy and to look at your firm. As your business scales and grows, managing client orders becomes a lot tougher. Online inventory management systems will assist by supplying automatic email updates to your customers. For instance, clients are often updated once their order has been processed, shipped, and came across their destination, eliminating the necessity for long, manual updates.

  1. There’s an excessive amount of manual tally:

Every currently and once more, manually tallying is a telling, albeit long, method to record correct stock levels..However, one benefit of manual tally is that it is too simple to make up. This method is usually associated with a degree of inefficient use of your time while conjointly being susceptible to human error.

  1. Clipboards and spreadsheets aren’t ascendible:

Inventory management through manual means is possible if the business is functioning with five products and some native customers. However, what happens once the business scales up to 25 products?

What has worked before won’t perpetually add the longer term. Once you begin to examine signs of your business increasing, this in itself could be a key sign that you simply ought to analyze the suitableness of your current inventory management system and think about upgrading to a comprehensive online inventory management software system.

  1. You require a dashboard:

Many inventory management software system programmes give an individualized, visual dashboard. A Dashboard provides you insights at a quick look. This can be a game-changer as it is very efficient. As they mechanically update, you’ll be able to make certain you receive up to this point info in the least time.

  1. Improve Your Delivery:

Late delivery, thanks to stock-outs, is guaranteed to offer you a foul name. For training, it’s necessary for you to understand once the seller is shipping inventory and once it’ll arrive. This helps you manage client expectations by delivery as, once and wherever they need.

  1. Manage designing & Forecasting:

The software system will assist you in improving demand foretelling by analyzing information trends from well-performing stocks. This minimizes your holding and handling prices, improves revenues and frees up money flows. Also, by designing and foretelling – you deliver on client expectations higher.


By investing in an appropriate online inventory management software system, you’ll be able to make sure that the supply facet of your business is well placed for the long run. While managing your business, if you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is high time to think about upgrading your inventory management software!


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