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Seven Reasons Why Your Pet is Not Eating

Is your pet refusing treats and food? Then this might be something you should take seriously. Even if you’re buying the food from the best online pet store and still your dog is refusing food, it’s time to check out some of the probable reasons below!

Scroll down below to know more about seven reasons why your pet is not eating.

There may be several reasons as to why your dog is not eating. We have shortlisted seven significant reasons why your pet is not eating. Check them out below and consult your vet if necessary or do the needful.

  1. Travel or unfamiliar environment: Dogs are extremely sensitive to change. Therefore, if you are travelling, you need to take special care of its anxiety and stress issues. A sudden change of events triggers stress and anxiety, and it directly impacts your dog’s eating habits.

Refrain from forcing food on your dog. Instead, sit down with it and pet your dog till it is comfortable. Once it calms down, it will automatically consume its food. You can also feed it with your hand if your dog still refuses food after a long period. But don’t let this develop into a habit.

  1. Dental diseases: Another common reason your dog is not eating might be an underlying dental problem. Your dog might have a broken tooth, a cavity, or sore and bleeding gums. All of these could contribute significantly to the refusal of food by your dog. If you get a chance, you might as well check the inside of your dog’s mouth for any of these signs.

If you find any, you should take it to your vet. After you begin with the medicines, your dog’s appetite will slowly start to come back to normal. After the illness is completely done away with, you must see your dog with regular food habits.

  1. Vaccination: Recent vaccinations may also contribute to the loss of appetite in your dog. Fortunately, this appetite loss is very short-lived and nothing to worry about. But if your dog has had an appetite loss for over a week or two, then you should contact the vet and ask for advice and get your dog checked up.
  2. Pickiness: Dogs are generally picky eaters. This happens mainly because they have been given a variety of food when they were puppies. There is nothing to worry about if your dog is rejecting certain foods. This might be its pickiness and nothing serious. Puppies are the fussiest eaters. They tend to take up a lot of time adjusting to the food that they are provided. Thus, there is no need to worry if your dog/puppy rejects certain foods.
  3. Food quality: If your dog suddenly refuses the brand that it has been consuming since the start, then it might be because of two reasons. Some of the possibilities we have discussed above. The second reason may be that the quality of the food may have dropped. The food may have some mold on it, which your dog might have smelled, or there might have been a change in the ingredients. Thus, it might be better to try another brand for a while.
  4. Underlying illness: Unfortunately, your dog might be refusing food because of an underlying illness. Your dog may be suffering from pancreatitis, anorexia, kidney failure, tumour, and sadly much more. The other serious diseases your dog might be suffering from may be any liver or kidney disease or diabetes.

It is best to get your pet checked for any of these symptoms and start with the treatment if found. Some methods of improving your pet’s appetite may be through tube feeding, syringe feeding, hand feeding, acupuncture, or IV fluids. The better the health of your dog, the better results it will show in improving appetite.

  1. Spoiled or old food

Dogs may refuse their food if it is spoiled or old. You need to take special care while buying food for your dog and check its expiry date and storage instructions. You need to store your dry food in a tightly sealed container, whereas you need to store wet food in the refrigerator.


We’ve come to the end of our blog today. We hope we have been able to answer your doubts properly. Have a nice day!


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