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Shawn Roberts dies: Promoter of London club Fabric dies after battle with cancer

The former London club promoter has passed away after a long battle with cancer with colleagues who looked up to him as a ‘legend’.

Former Fabric promotions manager Shawn Roberts dies after battling colorectal disease cancer in four years.


Former Fabric nightclub promoter Shawn Roberts dies after battle with cancerCredit: Go Fund Me

The nightclub said it was “devastated” by Sean’s death, according to TODAY’s news.

In a statement, a spokesperson for A Fabric tweeted: we love you so much

“You paved the way for so many artists who are currently at the top of their game and helped shape Fabric into the club it is today. We are all very grateful.

“We will miss your humor, jokes, rants, anarchy, cheeky smiles and all the great things that made you.”

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They added: “Forever with us – there will always be space for you on the fabric dance floor and in our hearts.

In 2020, Sean was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer, surpassing the 18-month prognosis.

Friends and family also paid their respects to the late Sean.

Grime musician Footsy wrote:

DJ A-Track said:

Sean founded GoFundMe in 2021 hoping to raise money for life-sustaining treatments.

At the time he wrote:

“The NHS has been wonderful and will continue to look after me, but I have few options for continuing treatment other than chemotherapy.

“The future of cancer treatment seems to lie in immunotherapy. I would like to join the program at the CeGat clinic in Tübingen, Germany.”

“These guys are really smart. They create a personal cancer vaccine for me. This is not what the body does naturally.

“I hope this in conjunction with chemotherapy increases the chances that I will be there to stimulate your nerves for a while.”

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