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Sick people self-diagnose because they can’t see their GP, study shows

People at SICK resort to becoming ‘DIY doctors’ after failing to secure an in-person appointment with a GP, according to a new survey.

more than 1 in 4 adults could not be consulted directly Some make their own medical decisions with their family doctor for the last 12 months.


Sick people resort to becoming ‘DIY doctors’ after failing to secure face-to-face appointments with GPsCredit: Getty
Dr. Richard Van Mererts said,


Dr. Richard Van Mererts said, “It worries me when patients feel compelled to behave inappropriately.”

1 in 6 did not get a slot either by self-medicating or by hiring someone who was not medically qualified.

A survey of 2,000 people last month found that blind people doctor 1 in 4 say they bought medicine at a pharmacy or online without a GP’s advice.

1 in 5 directly A&EA Savanta ComRes poll found that a third said they had delayed seeing their GP despite being in pain, and a further third said they had given up.

One in 10 paid for a personal consultation and another 10% traveled long distances to find a GP surgery offering an appointment.

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Dr Richard Van Mellaerts, Deputy Chairman of the BMA England GP Committee, said self-care may be the right thing to do for minor health conditions.

He added:

But LDP leader Ed Davey “This is a national scandal.
In-person GP appointments are almost gone in some parts of the country,” he said.

“We are now in a devastating situation where people have to self-medicate or prescribe their own medications because they cannot see their local primary care physician.

“British citizens pay their fair share to the NHS, but years of government mismanagement and neglect of local health services have left millions without access to their primary care physician. I have.”

A Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson said:

“This year our GP team is delivering 80,000 more appointments each day than last year, and by strengthening our general practice team with other specialists, we are on track to deliver over 1 million appointments this winter. It’s a schedule.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20914476/sick-people-self-diagnosis/ Sick people self-diagnose because they can’t see their GP, study shows

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