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Sign language used by deaf jurors in court, first use of own interpreter in England

Sign language will be used in court as it will be the first time in England that deaf jurors and interpreters will be used.

  • Legislative changes allow interpreters to be present in the jury deliberation room
  • This is the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act passed earlier this year.
  • Ministry of Justice reveals two trials already involving deaf people

For the first time, a hearing-impaired juror who requires a sign language interpreter has joined a trial.

This was after the law was changed to allow interpreters to work in the jury deliberation room.

The Ministry of Justice revealed yesterday that deaf people have already taken part in two trials.

In the first trial, a juror known only as Karen heard a racially aggravated harassment case in the South’s Croydon Crown Court. London.

The Ministry of Justice revealed yesterday that two trials already had deaf people on their side. Tried a racially aggravated harassment case.

She was also chosen by the other jurors to act as the head of the jury responsible for announcing the verdict.

Karen said it was “an amazing opportunity,” adding that it “went well and exceeded my expectations.”

Another deaf juror named Paul took charge of a serious sexual assault case at Norwich Criminal Court.

He said it was “my dream” to participate and was “deeply touched” by the efforts made by court staff to accommodate his needs. I took turns helping them.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, passed earlier this year, allowed BSL interpreters into jury deliberation rooms. The interpreter had to take an oath not to influence, interfere with, or disclose the deliberations of the jury.

Justice Minister Gareth Johnson said: “We are removing barriers to deaf people performing their jury duties and ensuring their full and equal participation.

“We are pleased to open the doors to thousands of potential jurors by establishing a more accessible and inclusive justice system for all.”

Deaf people who did not need an interpreter could previously serve on the jury.


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