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Silent Air Compressors Need to be Regularly Maintained to Prevent £100m Losses for Businesses

The importance of proper maintenance on silent air compressors cannot be overstated. The parts and pieces that make up these machines are delicate and need to be taken care of properly in order to ensure the longevity of your machinery. With regular attention, you can maintain a machine for years before needing to invest in new equipment.

What are silent air compressors?

 Silent air compressors  are machines that, much like their name implies, do not make much noise when in use. These devices typically run on electric motors and are often used for commercial or industrial purposes as they can handle large items such as metal sheets with ease.

As a result of this equipment’s ability to work without making an obtrusive racket, it has become increasingly popular across the world.

Proper maintenance of these pieces of machinery requires regular attention from highly trained professionals who know how to properly care for them so they last long into the future.

Detect Air Leaks Quickly To Avoid Financial Loss

Without effective and regular maintenance, silent air compressors could be susceptible to air leaks that can cause UK businesses to lose money as much as up to  £100m a year.

Proper maintenance of silent air compressors includes checking each machine for any damage or defects that may affect its performance, changing worn-out parts before they become too much of a problem, testing the electrical system to ensure it is in good working order and replacing filters when necessary.

These tasks are all fairly straightforward but should be done on a regular basis so you can avoid paying out more money than required in replacement costs down the line.

Industrial service providers also offer preventative maintenance plans which allow owners to pay monthly fees rather than having to purchase specific services outright.

This makes these machines incredibly affordable over time as most people could maintain them themselves if they wanted to do so at their own pace without investing much upfront expense. However, this would likely take up an incredible amount of free time every week which many people simply do not have to spare.

Addressing Your Air Leaks

Immediate action to prevent this from occurring again is vital and this can be done by regular maintenance checks with proper  employee training.  Components need to be placed as soon as possible because they can become susceptible to wear and tear if not carefully looked after over long periods, especially pipes, hoses and tubes.


No matter what type of machinery you’re using on your work site, it’s always good practice to perform regular inspections in order to ensure everything from the smallest bolts are tightened down correctly!

Air leak detection helps businesses know how their structure works with proper airflow and prevents issues such as heat loss/wasted energy costs. Air leaks can lead to health concerns amongst workers but also contribute to building up humidity which leads to damp or wet conditions that encourage mould growth.

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