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Six Ways to Stream Movies Legally for Free in the UK

After the pandemic hit and the world began slowing down, we all assumed we’d be catching up on our favorite television shows and movies. The reality was more repeats for those relying on free-to-air broadcasts than new content (especially during lockdowns when filming practically stalled). As the content began dwindling, users turned to streaming services to fill the void.

For those trying to live on a budget, streaming services can become quite costly over time (especially if you have more than one membership). Prior to free service, trying to watch free movies was a battlefield of viruses, ads, and malware. Thankfully the days of watching low-quality films while sacrificing our computers are well behind us. Check out the following streaming services if you’re looking to enjoy premium content without paying a small fortune.


Originally the streaming app for Channel 5, this streaming service recently acquired several channels from American internet service “Pluto TV.” With the new channels, the streaming service now offers over 200 different movies (along with their current content) for anyone wanting to binge-watch television on a rainy afternoon. Channel 5 is best known for local content, from kids programming to dramatic series you can’t turn away from. Keep in mind, majority of the content on this app is straight-to-DVD varieties, so you won’t find any award-winning content.


Arguably one of the original user-based content streaming platforms, YouTube has ample content available for both younger and older audiences. Although this streaming service doesn’t have as many free movies to choose from, the platform does have a few hidden gems available. YouTube does currently allow rentals and purchasing options for some television programs and films if you can’t find the free version online. This streaming site is ideal for someone looking for local, indie, or undiscovered content, including many documentaries.


The US company is an ad-supported streaming service operating in over 200 countries worldwide. The platform holds countless news shows, podcasts, and TV shows (available through a web browser or Android box). There are paid subscriptions as well as free accounts, giving those wanting free movies another avenue to watch content without the price tag.

BBC iPlayer

Although this collection may be smaller than the other streaming sites available, the BBC iPlayer does hold a selection of recently broadcasted films on the channel. The content (despite its compact size) is free to use and watch, but most content is only available for a short period of time. If you’re the type to watch the movies when you find them (instead of weeks later), this website might be perfect.


This streaming service is from Japan, bringing subscription, purchase, rental, and free content to users. The free content is ad-supported, but the platform has a decent variety of kid’s TV shows, documentaries, and movies to keep you busy. Simply download the platform onto almost any device (whether Android, iOS, PC, or Mac) and opt-in with an email address and password. Select the Free tab at the top of the program for all content available.

Optimize free trials of other platforms

If you’re looking for mainstream content, enrolling in trials may be the middle ground you’re looking for. Most major networks offer paid streaming services, with many including popular television shows, podcasts, and movies with the subscription. Other platforms provide grouped channels (including live television) for anyone wanting to channel surf without cable.

Take advantage of the complimentary trials offered online, as most companies provide seven to thirty days before charging the account. Many websites allow free trials with a new email address and payment method, meaning you’ll be able to cancel the trial before being billed (and simply rejoin with new login details). 

Amazon Prime offers free content for any paid Prime member, but specific channels will cost extra for the subscription. Many of these subscriptions include a live television stream, previous movies, new series, and past seasons in the price. Channel prices vary, depending on the channel, but most offer a free trial at the time of joining.

Netflix is another popular streaming website that allows users to try the website without paying for membership. Simply register on the account with a new email address and payment details and start watching hundreds of different movies. Before your account gets billed for services, simply cancel the account.

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