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Stats Press Release – How many Northern Ireland children will go to school in 2021/22

The ‘Northern Ireland Children’s Transfers to School 2021/22’ report is now available.

This report was produced by the Department of Infrastructure (DfI)’s Analysis, Statistics and Research Division (ASRB) and presents findings from the 2021/22 Consecutive Household Survey (CHS).

This publication is ASRB website.

Key Point

Transportation to and from school in Northern Ireland

primary school

post elementary school

  • Forty-five percent of post-primary school students traveled to school by bus as their primary mode of transportation, and a further 35% by car. Fewer than one in her five of her students (16%) walked to school and a small percentage (1%) took the train.
  • Since 2013/14, the share of students walking to primary school has decreased from 22% to 16%, but the share of students traveling by bike, car or bus has remained roughly the same.
  • Of those who walked to school, 89% of post-primary school students walked to school. Just over 1 in 10 he (13%) spent 10 minutes or less traveling to school, nearly half (48%) spent 11-20 minutes, and about 5 he spent 21-30 minutes (22%). spent.
  • For post-primary students, 54% lived more than four miles from school. Her two-thirds (66%) of these students traveled by bus and 29% by car.

http://www.unitedkingdomnews.net/news/273661091/statistical-press-release—travel-to-and-from-school-by-children-in-northern-ireland-202122 Stats Press Release – How many Northern Ireland children will go to school in 2021/22

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