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Strand named worst place to sell a property, but sales quicker than a year ago

Strand in London has been named the worst places in England and Wales to try to sell a property.

Property companies Home.co.uk and Quick Move Now teamed up to put together a list of the ten best and worst places to sell a property, based on the amount of time properties in the area typically spend on the market. Ten London boroughs make up the full ‘worst places to sell’ list, but it’s not all bad news. The companies who compiled the list pointed out that even in the areas where it takes longest to sell, time on market has reduced significantly over the last year.

Danny Luke, Quick Move Now’s managing director, said: “This time last year, Mayfair had the longest typical time on market at 272 days. Now, Mayfair has a typical time on market of 185 days – a reduction of 87 days. That’s a vast difference in a year. So, whilst it may seem like bad news for the city to be featured in the list of ‘worst’ places to sell a property, it’s important to see the positive changes in the London property market over the last 12 months. Properties are selling significantly more quickly, and we are also seeing demand for flats in the city increase for the first time since before the pandemic. Although time on market is longer in London than in other areas of the country, it is significantly quicker than it has been in the last couple of years.”

Best places to sell a property:

Position Location Typicaltime on market
1 Northampton 25 days
2 Bristol 26 days
3 Nottingham 32 days
4 Romford 34 days
5 Stockton On Tees 36 days



Norwich 38 days
Stockport 38 days
Middlesbrough 38 days
7 Coventry 39 days
Bradford 39 days

Worst places to sell a property:

Position Location Typical time on market
1 Strand 210 days
2 Soho 198 days
3 Charing Cross 195.5 days
4 Knightsbridge 194.5 days
5 Holborn 193 days


Mayfair 185 days
Belgravia 185 days
Marylebone 185 days
7 Bloomsbury 179 days
8 Westminster 177.5 days


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