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Subway passengers may be able to stream the World Cup final on subway 4G


Ube passenger You might be able to stream the World Cup final on your smartphone while you’re deep underground.

4G Wi-Fi deployment in London Underground It is expected to reach major landmarks by the end of next month, and many stations and tunnels on the Northern and Central lines will be the first to connect in central London.

The exact launch date is being kept secret, but it is understood that it may be ready in time for the final on December 18th. euston, Bank When oxford circus.

The standard has been granted behind-the-scenes access to the work being done to put ultra-fast Wi-Fi in underground sections of the subway.

This £1bn+ investment has been made by BAI Communications under a 20-year contract and will provide annual revenues for Transport for London. Passengers can make voice calls, text him, browse the web, and stream movies and TV while traveling at no additional charge under their mobile phone contract.

BAI Chief Operating Officer Ken Ranger said:

work in progress

/ Handout

“Even if you’re late for the office, can’t get in touch with your partner or kids, and don’t know you can communicate with someone, you can still talk, stay connected, and entertain your loved ones. “

BAI began work last year and plans to complete all 137 underground stations and the tunnels connecting them (as well as the Elizabeth Line tunnels) by the end of next year.

Over 500 people work each night to install over 1,200 miles of cable, antennas and radio receivers. All carriers can connect to the “neutral” network laid out by BAI.

Much of the equipment must be mounted in very tight spaces or hidden behind panels in passenger tunnel passageways. The technician says he only has 3.5 hours a night, from the last train running around 1am until the subway reopens after 5am.

Linked with 10 “data centers” in secret locations around the capital, the technology is guaranteed to allow future upgrades to 5G. A cable network has also been laid to create a ‘full fiber spine for London’.

The rollout follows a 2020 trial of 4G at the eastern end of the Jubilee Line.

BAI already operates 4G networks in the New York, Toronto and Hong Kong subways.

Matthew Griffin, head of commercial communications at TfL, said 4G will provide passengers with a “seamless” connection.

“You can walk into a station, walk through a station, take a subway, change subways, exit a station and walk out onto the street, and you’ll always be connected. Your call will always connect,” he said.

“Our plan is to start rolling out soon. Hopefully by the end of the year there will be a very big rollout in 2023 when we have several stations rolling out and covering the journeys of many people. We plan to have everything completed by the end of 2024. This is a very difficult area to reach.”

He suspected that many passengers would call between stations because of the noise level due to the speed of the subway.

“My personal view is that it’s very loud and difficult,” he said. “I would be reluctant to do that.

“Some will do it, but I think it will be mostly data and entertainment uses – streaming video, WhatsApp messages. Usage has increased significantly, but voice has decreased.”

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-underground-tube-4g-signal-tfl-b1041381.html Subway passengers may be able to stream the World Cup final on subway 4G

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