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Subway shuts down after strike, commuters suffer rush hour devastation


Commuter Yesterday’s 24-hour strike hit subway services, and more travelers were unhappy this morning.

Service on London Underground We weren’t expected to return to ‘normal’ until mid-morning. Fewer early morning trains means the service is busier than usual. Many subway stations were closed due to early morning commuters.

All 11 metro services were up and running by 9am, but five lines – Central, Circle, Jubilee, Metropolitan and Piccadilly – reported severe delays.

Transport for London says:

It comes after about 10,000 members RMT the union left on thursday In dispute over pension Up to 600 station staff posts were lost.

This forced 8 closures tube Four lines: the Bakerloo, Circle, Hammersmith and City, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Piccadilly, Victoria, Waterloo and City lines, operating on the outer branches of the Central, District and Northern lines. Only the ‘shuttle’ service that was provided was left.

live update


Which tube is lagging behind?

The Circle, Jubilee, Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines are all significantly behind.

Bakerloo Line: There is no service between Queen’s Park and Harrow & Wealdstone, and there are minor delays on the rest of the line.

center lane: Significant delays occurred between Leytonstone and Hainault via Newbury Park, with minor delays on the rest of the route.

Line: Serious delays between Earl’s Court and Upminster, but good service on the rest of the line.

Hammersmith & City: Minor delay

London Overground: Due to a signal failure at Clapham Junction, there is no service between Surrey Quays and Clapham Junction. A previous customer accident caused serious delays between Euston and Watford Junction. Excellent service on all other routes.

We offer Northern, Victoria, Waterloo & City, Elizabeth Lines and DLR services.


what’s going on this morning?

Subway service did not resume until around 8am, with many lines still operating with severe delays as a ‘knock-on’ effect of Thursday’s strike.

Frustrated commuters report standing outside closed stations. Even if the subway does pass, there is little information about when it will reopen or an alternative route.

Long queues for buses formed on the second morning at major stations such as Liverpool Street and Victoria Station.

AFP via Getty Images
Jeremy Selwyn

Photo: Bus queue at Victoria Station

Jeremy Selwyn
Jeremy Selwyn

Significant delays on 6 routes

The Circle, District, Hammersmith & City, Jubil, Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines are experiencing severe delays until services are restored from the strike.

Valid tickets are accepted at London Buses.

The Bakerloo Line, Central Line and London Overground are also affected.

All other lines have excellent service.


Parts of the London Overground suspended

At Overground, TfL said there was no service between Euston and Watford Junction and emergency services were dealing with casualties on the tracks.

All other routes have excellent service. Valid tickets are accepted on London buses.


Significant delays in service on the Piccadilly line

The Piccadilly line has been restored and is experiencing significant delays.

The Central Line is also severely delayed between Leytonstone and Hyno via Newbury Park while service recovers from strike action. There is a slight delay on the rest of the line.


‘Hundreds’ waited outside Harrow & Wealdstone station


‘Really disgusting’: Anger over station closures

Many commuters took to Twitter to express their frustration at the subway station closures and line suspensions this morning.

Susan Hall, leader of the London Parliament’s Tory Group, said it was “utterly disgusting” and that “people are desperate to get to work”.


Significant delays due to route resumption

All subway lines have reopened, except for the Piccadilly line, but commuters are facing severe delays.

The Circle, District, Hammersmith & City, Jubilee and Metropolitan lines are experiencing severe delays.

The Bakerloo Line is partially out of service and experiencing minor delays.

Excellent service on the Central, Northern, Victoria and Waterloo & City lines.

Overground, Elizabeth Line and DLR also have excellent service.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/tube-strike-disruption-friday-morning-tfl-lines-suspended-rmt-latest-b1039201.html Subway shuts down after strike, commuters suffer rush hour devastation

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