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Tesco is making major changes to how customers pay, opening new ‘hybrid’ shops

TESCO is making a big difference in how customers pay as they open new “hybrid” stores.

The supermarket giant is opening stores that don’t require checkout, but shoppers can also use the cash register.


GetGo store shoppers simply shop using the Tesco app.Credits: Unknown, Cleared by Picture Desk

Tesco‘s first GetGo store opens on Chiswell Street in North Islington. London.

The supermarket plans to open two more stores in the coming months. One store is in Parse Way, London and another is at Aston University. birmingham.

GetGo stores are ‘no checkout required’. In other words, the customer simply picks up the item they want to buy and leaves the store.

The system works by monitoring the movements and choices of shoppers through cameras in the ceiling and weight sensors on the shelves.

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Shoppers just scan their products tesco app After entering the store, go around the store shopping Then let the app settle payments and receipts.

The new GetGo store will also offer a hybrid format that allows customers to pay at self-service or manned checkouts if they prefer.

However, customers must scan their receipts to be able to exit the barrier.

The shop staff will respond to those who need it.

Kevin Tindall, Managing Director of Tesco Convenience, said:

“Whether customers choose the no-checkout option or prefer to use checkout, we want their shopping trip to be as quick and convenient as possible.”

The store has the same range of products and the same value deals as a regular Express store. club card price.

Open from 7am to 11pm.

All age-restricted products in the new store will be in a specific section with a separate exit where employees will manually check for age verification.

Tesco says its new trial offers customers the option to use more familiar payment methods and a no-checkout app.

He added that the expansion will allow the company to test the new format in more locations.

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of First Tesco GetGo store It will open in High Holborn in October 2021 and will continue to offer a purely no-checkout model.

Tesco claims it takes the average shopper three minutes to complete a purchase using the app at its High Holborn store.

First GetGo hybrid store opens in Islington, North London


First GetGo hybrid store opens in Islington, North LondonCredits: Unknown, Cleared by Picture Desk

https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/20305652/tesco-getgo-stores-customers-app-pay-hybrid-shops/ Tesco is making major changes to how customers pay, opening new ‘hybrid’ shops

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