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The Asian Market of the Premier League

English Premier League teams invest substantial amounts of time and money in the Asian market, especially during the preseason. Asia provides the Premier League with a massive demand for its products. It has also emerged as a precious revenue stream for EPL clubs. So, why is Asia such a big deal for the Premier League?

When you visit Hong Kong, you will find many Tottenham fans donned in Lilywhite replica shirts. On the other, it is no surprise that you will find Liverpool fans in Jakarta. Additionally, there are numerous legal gambling sites where sports betting fans can bet on their favorite EPL teams. This article looks into the relationship between Asia and EPL to discover more about the Asian market of the EPL.

Where did the Adoration Start?  

Studies into this subject have discovered two main reasons the English game has found favor in the Asian market. First, it is a matter of timing, and second, it is the product’s inherent value.

Some of the news outlets in Japan described the relationship as one that has taken decades to establish. For example, the EPL was the first European soccer league to be broadcasted regularly in Asia. This was before other top European leagues had begun to think about venturing into the Asian market. Therefore, since the EPL was the first European league to hit the Asian market, it left a historical impression on the Asian public.

Besides that, the competitive nature of the EPL top-flight contests is appealing to casual sports fans. Other leagues are regarded as dull, unemotional, or clinical. On the other hand, the British game has established itself with enraged, spectacular, and thrilling contests that make it more interesting. These attributes make the EPL an almost perfectly designed product for consummation, admiration, and retention of interest and support.   

What is the Scale of Affection?

The Premier League recently opened its first office in Singapore. Even though the office’s mandate was to combat media content piracy, it is also meant to bring the competition closer to its millions of fans in Asia. Many fans choose their preferred EPL teams and support them through thick and thin. Others support EPL teams that feature their favorite players.

On the other hand, Manchester United is traditionally the most famous club in China. The club boasts a massive following and has many official supporters’ clubs formed in the region. Shinji Kagawa helped to make the club very popular in Japan. However, Liverpool have overtaken their fierce rivals after they acquired Takumi Minamino.

Apart from watching the games, the fans have also embraced the growing culture of sports betting. This trend helps to make the sport even more immersive for the fans.

There is Increased Competition for the Asian Market

The EPL is no longer the only option for Asian football fans. Other top European leagues such as the LaLiga and Bundesliga have also made some inroads in the Asian market. However, none of these leagues can compare to the EPL when it comes to the appeal and competitive nature of the league. Therefore, the EPL will continue being the most followed European League in Asia.   



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