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The best destinations for vegans in Spain

Going on a vacation is on everyone’s list. We all need that break from our daily lives. But when it comes to deciding on the best holiday destination, we all find ourselves in a fix. This article will help you get over this little confusion. You can never go wrong with picking Spain as your holiday destination. A holiday in Spain will leave you tantalized for years to come.

Reasons for vegans to go on a holiday in Spain

The beautiful landscape boasted by Spain, paints the best picture for travelling enthusiasts out there. But if you are a vegan, having proper food options can really take a toll on you. But if you are in Spain and you are a vegan, then you need not worry. A holiday in Spain is a complete package that includes a vibrant night life, abundant vegetarian food options, and culture.

Best destinations to explore for vegans in Spain

  1. Beach Rentals

A holiday in Spain is the perfect pick for beach lovers. Spain hosts a multitude of beaches. Renting a good property by the beach will help you give the much needed rest. These rentals come with private pools, gardens, and parking areas. The appetite of vegans out there will also be taken care of here. These properties offer various vegan dishes.

  1. Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol is also a wonderful option for planning a holiday in Spain. It hosts various apartments, studio apartments, holiday homes, and villas. These luxurious retreats offer vegan food options too. So, the next time you visit Spain, make sure you come by Costa Del Sol.

  1. Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is another holiday destination in Spain that is ideal for vegan travellers. No matter the size of your travelling party, you will always be accommodated by the wide variety of stays offered here. This place also has various eateries that make the best vegan food.


  1. Costa Brava

Dotted with beautiful coves, Costa Brava is your ideal destination for enjoying the best holiday in Spain. This picturesque location is ideal for vegan travellers too. This place hosts the best vegan restaurants in Spain. A holiday in Spain is nothing without a visit to Costa Brava and its sprawling vegan restaurants.

  1. Barcelona

The sea-side city of Barcelona offers some vibrant cultural experiences. Along with this, there are various vegan food options in this city. There are various beautiful travel destinations in this city, which will leave you mesmerized. Along with this, Barcelona food is known for its vibrant flavours throughout the world. So, if you are a vegan and on a holiday in Spain, then trying out the various vegan-friendly dishes offered by this city is a must for you.



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