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The best marketplaces for buying NFTs

An NFT marketplace is a platform where a digital work of art or other object – a picture, photo, music, collectible – is tokenized and put up for sale.

NFT is a new phenomenon in the blockchain industry, now it is developing very quickly, and there are already top NFT platforms.  The creation of NFT, its placement for sale, the search for the desired NFT and its purchase are the main functions of the platforms of non-fungible tokens.  But each of the sites has some features, based on which users choose the NFT platform that suits them best.

If you want to create your own NFT-related project, then https://fondlygames.co/nft-art-development/ is perfect for you.

Gate.io NFT

The NFT crypto exchange platform Gate.io presents the opportunity to sell digital art at a fixed price and auction.  Gate is an old, relatively obscure, but progressive cryptocurrency exchange.  On the NFT platform, digital creative works can be tokenized and offered for sale.  The platform is partially translated into Russian.

The project is based on the NFT Magic Box section based on the GateChain protocol.  The section has six subsections.  You can download tokens in the My Assets section.  The selection and purchase / sale is carried out in the Trading Market, the coins used are BTC, USDT, GT, ETH.  Page of the official exchange selection and viewing of NFT tokens – Official Screening.  The choice of tokens by popularity is possible in the NFT Popularity Charts subsection.  OpenPunks is “the world’s first community-driven NFT platform” where you can create an object for sale directly on the NFT platform.

Jugger world

Decentralized platform JuggerWorld in the infrastructure of the Binance crypto exchange.  JuggerWorld tokens are encoded on the Binance smart chain.  The NFT marketplace is not translated into Russian, there are only English and Chinese.  But if there is a desire to work here, then on JuggerWorld there is the possibility of creating a profile (optional), a personal collection of NFTs, the function of exchanging, selling and promoting tokens.  To work on the JuggerWorld NFT exchange, you will need a wallet compatible with BEP-20 tokens, mainly BNB, MetaMask (on site), Binance Chain Wallet and Wallet Connect.

Treasure Land

The TreasureLand platform initially worked on the Ethereum blockchain, but after users complained about high gas fees, the platform switched to the Binance (BSC) blockchain.  TreasureLand NFT is developing on the DEGO infrastructure, it is a project that combines an NFT exchange and DeFi.  When the project was launched, a batch of BSC NFT tokens was issued.  The project is considered one of the best NFT platforms, supports the tokenization of digital art, game assets, collectibles, game values, and more.  To work in the system, you need to connect to MetaMask, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket and a number of other wallets.

On the main page of the site, promoted NFTs are placed at the top, below the section “Hot” – sold and bought (changed by the drop-down menu) tokens.  Next – tokens recently included in the list, the next section – the most recent transactions for tokens.  In the footer of the site – all the necessary information on the project and tokens.

Bakery Swap

BakerySwap is a decentralized automated market maker on Binance Smart Chain based on the BAKE token.  The ability to create and trade NFTs is an additional opportunity on the exchange.  The platform also has the ability to use NTF tokens through staking.  The ability to generate NFTs and conduct transactions is possible after connecting a WalletConnect format wallet, for example, MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet.

The NTF service is hosted in the NFT-marketplace, in the “Mint Artworks” subsection.  After the object is loaded and tokenized, the exchange moderators check it for compliance with the parameters.  According to the rules of the crypto exchange, NFT plagiarism is not allowed, if the moderator determines that the author is not the one who submitted the token for verification, the token will be deleted.

Which marketplace to use is up to you.  If you decide to create your own marketplace, then you can safely refer to https://fondlygames.co/.

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