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The Importance of having good online reputation

In the cyber world, people get a second chance. You can change your name, wipe out dirt from under your bed and pretend that you are a perfect person with nothing to hide. Of course, it’s not true, but nobody knows about your past mistakes except for you.

Some companies utilize this phenomenon by building a strong online presence even though they have sordid histories or business practices of which most consumers would disapprove. It seems like a new trend where increasing numbers of businesses opt to make positive content about their operations rather than spend time and money fixing up negative press. When it comes down to building an image, one click of a button can erase all scandals in just seconds! There is enough evidence that shows the internet is the new panacea that can mobilize people to take action.

The Importance of having good online reputation

If you own a business, any type of business or just want to promote yourself, then you should consider using the power of internet marketing. Having an online presence is almost equivalent to having your very own TV station at your disposal. What’s more? You don’t have to pay for it! It costs practically nothing, and the possibilities are endless. You can make anyone believe whatever you like about yourself or your products; with enough practice and skill, one could even deceive Google. Online reputation management is simple as long as you keep in mind these four tips:

1) Take advantage of privacy settings everywhere possible (especially Facebook). For example, if someone doesn’t like what they see of you on their news feed, do they really expect them to go and search for you on Google?

2) Do the opposite: if someone has bad-mouthed you online, amplify their voice by responding (if it’s true, of course). The more attention that you give to others, the more this will boost your own image.

3) Make yourself look like a victim. Get as many people as possible on your side and make at least some of them appear as authority figures (expert witnesses) such as attorneys or law enforcement officials. This will only work if you are entirely innocent; after all, nobody would believe a convicted pedophile no matter how convincing his story is.

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4) Trick Google into believing that there is no dirt on you. Engage in activities online that don’t go against their terms of service and always use a first name only strategy for profiles that matter.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s easy to lie your way into people’s hearts. Just remember the reason why you’re doing it: you want them to buy from you or hire you. Don’t spend too much time planning your story; simple is better because there are billions of other things all around the world competing with yours for attention! No matter how good your reputation is today, the internet knows no tomorrow. Sooner or later, everything will be revealed (even if it takes years). If all else fails, make sure to keep an airtight damage.


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