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The real reason why gaming companies offer games for free

It’s always good to receive something for free. However, does not a tiny part of your mind ask the question ‘why is it free?’ That’s something you may consider when you go online to play a game on a gaming site that offers a free service.

Everything must have a reason, and that’s the case with free online games. There are hidden motives behind the decision not to charge you to play a game. Take, for example, the game Fortnite. This is so popular the world over, and the opportunity to go online and play it for free is too good to turn down for millions.

There are plenty of places where you can download and play Fortnite to enjoy on your console or PC. It’s all good news so far, with the chance to play a hugely successful game without paying a penny. Well, that’s not quite the whole story, unfortunately. Look at the long-term situation in playing this game. You would really want to make in-game purchases if you want to progress to a good standard.

Watch out for mobile games

Before you know it, playing this free game has seen you spend a good sum of money. It’s the same if you wish to play Candy Crush from the developer King on your mobile. You can easily find a site that will allow you to play for free. Then those now-familiar other purchases come along, and they are anything but free. They might only be for pennies each time, but the costs mount up. And with millions of players, the developers get a tidy sum. They’re not doing this for the love of humanity, after all.

Another possible reason for free offerings is that the game in question isn’t the finished item. The producers want to test the water with what they have so far. Offering it to play for free can allow them to see what people think. The results of this free research can help them decide how to progress with the game in its final stages of development.

Gambling sites are masters of marketing

When it comes to tempting people to register, online gambling sites are masters of this game. When you join an online casino, there is a tempting welcome offer waiting for you. This could be, for example, offering some free spins on a selected slot game.

This is a good offer, though you need to read all the terms and conditions attached to it. You may well have to register and then make an initial deposit of a certain amount. There aren’t that many no-deposit bonuses around these days. Now you can claim the offer and start playing some top slot games.

That’s something you are likely to enjoy, especially if some wins come along. The odds are, though, there will be a restriction on how much you can win. Now comes an interesting decision for you to make. Do you continue playing slot games and other casino games, such as roulette or blackjack?

Those games will cost you money to play, and the online site now has you just where they want you, a paying customer. More promotions will come your way as the site does its best to ensure that you continue to play with them. Most online casinos have an excellent selection of games – just make sure you choose a site that is licensed with the UK Gambling Commission so that you know it acts responsibly.

Competition online

You can now see that offering the opportunity to play a game without charge is a way of acquiring more paying customers. Did you really think everything would be free forever? It’s a highly competitive business online, and ensuring you get enough customers through the door to survive and then hopefully make a profit is the name of the game

In a way, it’s just like those supermarket offers where you get two items for the price of one. That desire to get a bargain takes you over and off to the supermarket you go. Of course, then you end up buying more items, and the supermarket manager is a happy person. Then you look at your bill and aren’t so happy.

It’s all a case of getting you onboard in the first place. If free games weren’t available, then your site would just lose customers to those that do. A few days playing a game for free can be highly entertaining. Just because you love playing Fortnite doesn’t mean you will go online just to play that game. It won’t be long before you start looking at other areas of the site and what else they have on offer, most of course not at all free to play.

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