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“There has never been a better time for someone like me.”

With the exaltation of joy, Netflix‘s hit show Glamorous feels like its closest cousin to Emily in Paris, but with one striking difference. That being said, it’s probably the most truly diverse TV show ever made.

Set in a sleek New York office, the Sex and the City star comes to life. Kim Cattrall As former supermodel Madeline Addison, she now runs the fading beauty empire Glamorous by Madeline. Cattrall, 66, was an inspired choice as the queen bee of a vibrant young team, one of whom said, “Titanic is the oldest movie I’ve ever seen — and who’s seen it?” I don’t know what it is,” he boasts. shale teeth. ‘

More interestingly, Netflix plans to turn the show into a new series of Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That… starring Cattrall’s reportedly estranged former co-stars. It started at the same time as She has a brief cameo in “And Just Like That…” but her acerbic vibe remains, so don’t expect her to get along. Sarah Jessica Parker Immediately in real life.

What’s it like to be in this groundbreaking new show, which also stars Miss Benny, who’s acclaimed as Marco Mejia, Cattrall’s witty, gender-nonconforming assistant?

Who better to answer this question than Damien Terriques, who plays Dismal Failale, the popular drag queen who befriends Mejia?

The Netflix hit Glamorous feels like Emily in Paris because of its lighthearted vibe. Damian Terriquez (pictured) as popular drag queen Dismal Failale

Just four years ago, Mexican-American Terriquez, 25, was studying international corporate structures in London and contemplating a life in marketing. The pandemic put an end to that, and Telikes moved to Hollywood to do odd jobs on movie sets.

As non-binary actors, they knew it would take a long time to land a big role. Born in San Diego, California, Terriquez and her family moved to her mother’s hometown of Tijuana, Mexico, at a young age, but returned to California when she was in high school.

Today, Terikes lives outside Los Angeles with her fiancée, actor Luke Laurie, and miniature schnauzers Nadia and Nala.

Terrikes heard about her audition for Glamorous shortly after kissing Ireland’s famous Blarney Stone while on vacation.

But they tell me, “I was a trained dancer with an academic mindset, and I didn’t have a lot of acting experience. I thought I would never make a Netflix series with Kim Cattrall. But I’m here because Luke encouraged me to go for it.

“‘Glamorous’ came months after I decided to do it,” Telikes added. “And for someone like me, a non-binary Latino, there has never been a better time. In ‘Glamorous’, the cast all have different facets of diversity, and I hope this changes the notion that there is only one such role on the show.”

Set in a shiny New York office, Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall plays Madeline Addison, a former supermodel who now runs a defunct beauty empire.

Set in a shiny New York office, Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall plays Madeline Addison, a former supermodel who now runs a defunct beauty empire.

Wearing a navy roll-neck, dark denim and pearls to the interview, Terrikes grew up watching Sex and the City with her mother — “too young for the original TV version.” ”–Meeting with Cattrall, who admitted that he was intimidated when he first saw it.

“Since I was quiet, I thought she knew I was a little nervous about her. But in our scenes together, she was more than friendly and always looked after me.” I was asking how was your day.”

Cattrall is not only a star but also a show producer, and Telikez says it was impressive to see her juggle both roles. She said, “As soon as they called it ‘cut,’ she immediately rewrote it and said, ‘I think this or that makes more sense.’ It’s always been a long day on set, but having to work after the cameras have stopped was something I’ve never seen before. It was a moving process. ”

Cattrall didn’t interact with the young actors, but they naturally enjoyed being on set together. “It was like a summer camp. We used to play board games at his café in Toronto.

Filming for the show began last year in the Canadian city that was also used as a New York lookalike for Suits, with a sprawling glamorous office as one big set.

“I’ve never worked on something so meticulously crafted,” Telikes says.

Legendary costume designer Patricia Field of ‘Sex and the City’ created Cattrall’s outfit, and despite the rest of the cast, the two remain friends, but the rest of the cast was designed by film and television costume designer Nancy Gould. In one scene, she dressed Terrikes in a pink catsuit with sequined platform boots that will never be forgotten. “My heel came off and I embarrassedly fell out of the trailer!”

Watching a fun show to break away from the world works perfectly

In addition to gorgeous clothes, the program also introduced Terikes’ makeup.

“I used to wear soft eyes occasionally, but now I have a lot of red carpet events, so I enjoy makeup. I love it, when I’m prepping for something I put glitter around my eyes and powder around my beard.”

There’s also talk of a second Glamorous series, but for now Telikez is busy planning his wedding to Laurie, which will take place in Mexico next year and will be attended by all 450 family members. According to Telikes, the couple said online, “It’s like people my age are doing it… watching rom-coms right now feels so refreshing.” “Oh wow, so cute, they met in person! How did you know they liked each other?”

Talking about life off screen, Telikez said: “I enjoy a quiet life.” I’m trying to fulfill my dream of being an English aristocratic country lady. I started knitting and gardening, and I also have a dog. ”

They also have their eye on Emily, a Netflix stablemate in Paris. “There’s this idea that everything has to be succession-level intensity, but a fun show that’s set free from the world is perfectly justified. Emily in Paris was amazing. I speak French and I also have a degree in marketing, so please!”

New co-star for Lily Collins?

Glamorous is available to watch now on Netflix

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-12288349/There-better-time-like-me.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 “There has never been a better time for someone like me.”

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