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Things You’ll Know If You Went To School In The ’90s

And since the high street is once again flooded with ’90s looks like cycling shorts, cargo pants and scrunchies, you should know a few things right when it comes to fashion choices.

Here, we’ll take you back down memory lane and relive the must-have trends of your ’90s school days and moments you probably forgot.

1. Exchange Pogs, Panini Stickers, and Pokemon Cards

If your friends weren’t bringing a stack of Panini football stickers to school in search of a replacement, they were either playing with Pokemon cards or smashing up a bag of Walkers potato chips for a brief period in the late ’90s. Could have been looking for a new pog. .

2. We all thought we were good at origami

paper airplane? Par! There was one thing we could all make that felt more creative while playing wet…but I can’t actually remember the name of it, so I’ll call it a paper fortune teller.

I had to fold in all the corners, write the color on the outside, and label the inside flap with a number.

Your friend has to choose a color before choosing a number twice (so that it can be opened and closed as many times as the first number chooses) and lifts a flap to reveal their fortune or perhaps what animal it is. I had to make a decision. my favorite

3. Trying to keep Tamagotchi alive between lessons

After Christmas, when I was lounging around the house, it was so easy.

But with the start of the new school year and the ban on having Tamagotchis on desks, it became basically impossible to keep these little robotic pets happy.

According to a Reddit thread, the world record for keeping the original Tamagotchi alive in 1996/97 was 89 days. Do you remember how many days your longest streak was?

Here's a London local:

4. Cover your textbook with Groovy Chick wrapping paper

No one wants a bland book, and at a certain age there was only one option when it came to lining a book with colorfully decorated paper. It’s bubblegum.

Are you a groovy chick, a disco diva, or did your mom let you buy a nutty tart?

5. A bigger dilemma than being a fan of Blur or Oasis…

6. Baby-G watches put weight on your arm

Everyone wanted one, but if you’re like me and have skinny adolescent forearms, the size will look ridiculous on bony wrists.

And if you did get one, no doubt someone would have tried to claim it as theirs after PE.

7. shopping At Tammy Girl in front of the school disco

Stock up on hair mascara, butterfly clips and jelly shoes before spraying an entire can of Impulse all over your body or bathing in Versace Red Jeans perfume.

The boys had only one option: Lynx.

8. School hall lined with Quen Chi cups ready for school disco

Dancing to Macarena and Saturday Night was a thirsty job

@audreymcmittens can’t beat the 15p quenchie cup #over30club #over40sclub #millennialsoftiktok #millennial #90s #ukmemories #90snostalgia #memoriesunlocked #childhoodmemories #schooldisco #nostalgia #memories ♬ Saturday Night – Whigfield

9. Dial-up Internet messes up MSN Messenger chats

I told everyone I would be online at 7pm, but 45 minutes later the modem is still pinging and crackling.

If that’s not annoying enough, it’s been suggested that you should use Encarta to do your homework while you wait.

If there were emojis back then, the angry red emoji would be among the top most used.

10. Your pencil case was full of scented gel pens.

I don’t have to bother asking my friends to guess the smell with their eyes closed because they don’t know if it’s grapes or apples, but it made taking notes in class a lot more fun.

11. Make decisions based on advice your friends read in Ms. or Sugar magazines.

@starholroyd These magazine advice was actually crazy 😭🤣 #mizzmag #nostalgiacomedy #britishnostalgia ♬ original music – Starholroyd

What else would you like to add to this list?

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