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TikTok hashtags can lead to robbery


Whether you moved or went, you probably invested in your living space last year. Some DIY -It’s because of the time I spent at home. And if you’re familiar with social media, you’re probably keen to show off aspects of its refurbishment and interior design success.After all, don’t we all like to look perfectly organized? Instagram??

But more Ticktaku Some experts are worried about the increase in hashtags. #NewHome sees people posting videos of their homes, both inside and outside the home.  It may seem innocent and ambitious to the viewer, but it can make people who post content more vulnerable to robbery. It’s very common for Instagram users as thery post very attractive images and videos that can take them to unwanted situations. Instagram users try so hard to increase their followers and very often users look for  Instagram growth service to get rapid growth. However, this growth can bring an uncertain situation for them.

Hashtags have already won over 500 million views and security retailers safety We investigated why this trend has led to theft across the country.
You may be proud of your home and want to celebrate the work you put into it, but there are important things that thieves can find and endanger.

It’s important to know that there are some ways to avoid “advertising” publicly on social media.The safest way to celebrate is obviously to have Some friends (If legally permitted) and share the bottle Champer..

But like 74% of new homeowners, if you want to make at least one social post, you need to know the following: 57% admit that they are not fully aware of the results.

New key

Criminals can now use the photo of the key to create a carbon copy that fits perfectly into the lock. Sharing a photo of a new key on social media is essentially like giving the key to a thief.

Street address

Many social media users share pictures of road signs to celebrate their move. For obvious reasons, posting this type of content is not recommended as it may reveal the whereabouts of the homeowner and encourage thieves to go there.

Property layout

One of the most common images is the front of the house. By showing the appearance, thieves are given the opportunity to access the location of doors and windows. If an alarm occurs, you will also be given the opportunity to see what materials are being used, so you can have the tools ready to break in. For example, a new home may not be as robust as an old one.


Apart from photos, captions and hashtags can be harmful as well. Select a location, enter property details such as address and number of bedrooms, and the thief will see the property details again.

Before posting, it’s a good idea to objectively look at what you’re seeing and think about how much more you can reveal than you intended.

Anthony Neary, Managing Director of Safe, said:

“It takes a lot of time, energy and money, so you can be proud and share it right away. The surge in real estate sales in the UK warns buyers about the potential damage social media can do. I wanted to.

“Millions of people share important information about their new home on Instagram, TikTok, etc., so risk isn’t taken into account. We always think it’s important to stay one step ahead of the thief. . Pain that robbery can cause. “

I’m happy with the new move, but keep it for your future.

TikTok hashtags can lead to robbery

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