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Top 10 All-time Goalscoarers in North London Derby History

Are you wondering who has scored the most goals for Tottenham and Arsenal? In this article, you will learn about the top North London Derby scorers. If you are a fanatic about football and love learning about the career or records of the different players, this guide is sure to be of interest. 

1. Harry Kane (Tottenham) 

Harry Kane MBE plays striker for Tottenham Hotspur while also serving as the captain for the England National team. Kane is regularly regarded as one of the best strikers in the world and one of the best players in the Premier League. Part of the reason for this is the way he can formulate strategy and also link play. Over 274 appearances on the pitch, Kane has scored 178 goals as well as 40 assists. 

2. Bobby Smith (Tottenham)

Bobby Smith is the Spurs third top goal scorer 176 across 271 appearances. Smith plays as a center-forward for Chelsea and was a fierce opponent against his competitors. He was also a key element of Bill Nicholson’s double winning Tottenham team that took to the field between 1960 and 1961. 

 3. Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal, Tottenham) 

Adebayor scored 46 goals while playing for Arsenal through 104 different appearances.  He also scored 17 goals across 33 appearances while on loan to Tottenham. Adebayor represented the Toga national team for the Fifa World Cup in 2006. He’s also Togo’s all-time goal scorer with 32 goals to his name. 

4. Robert Pires (Arsenal) 

A french football coach and former professional player, Robert Pires made 189 appearances and scored 62 goals. Over his time with Arsenal he won two Premier League titles as well as two FA cups. For most of his career Pires was a left winger however he could also play across midfield.

5. Alan Sunderland (Arsenal) 

Alan Sunderland While playing for Arsenal, Sunderland netted 55 goals across 206 appearances. As well as playing for Arsenal he also played for the Wolverhampton Wanderers and Ipswich Town. Sunderland joined the latter team after needing to leave Arsenal due to a series of injuries. During his time with Ipswich Town, he helped the team avoid relegation from the First Division. Before he retired, Sunderland also briefly played for Derry City. 

6. Alan Gilzean (Tottenham)

Over ten years playing for Tottenham Gilzean made 343 appearances and netted 93 goals. A Scottish professional player, Gilzean was active from 1955 to 1975. Gilzean joined the Spurs in 1965 for a transfer fee of approximately £72,500. His first appearance was against Everton. During his time with the Spurs he completely changed his play style. He sadly died in 2018 of a brain tumor. 

7. Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham)

Jimmy Greaves MBE played as a forward. Greaves scored 44 goals at an international level, placing him as England’s fifth-highest international scorer. While playing for Tottenham he scored 220 goals across 321 appearances. He began his professional career with Chelsea in 1957. While he never won a title, he did help ensure that Tottenham finished second place. Greaves passed away in 2021. 

8. David Herd (Arsenal)

David Herd scored 166 goals across 97 appearances. To this day, he is the club’s 15th highest goal scorer. Herd’s typical position was as a forward. As well as playing in stadiums for Arsenal, he also played for Manchester United, Stockport County as well as Stoke city during his career. He is easily one of the top North London Derby scorers. During his time at Stockport County, Herd played alongside his father before eventually being scooped up by agents for £10,000 in 1954. 

9. John Radford (Arsenal)

One of the sports greats, Radford scored 111 goals while playing for Arsenal across 379 appearances. He is the team’s fourth highest goal scorer ever to step on the field and was a favorite for managers of West Ham United as well as Blackburn Rovers. After retiring, Radford also became a manager of Bishops Stortford through the 80s and 90s. 

10. Ian Wright (Arsenal)

Wright scored 128 goals across 221 appearances on the pitch while playing for Arsenal. After retiring from professional football, Wright was still active in the industry, often appearing in radio shows and TV shows related to football. His two sons Shan and Bradley were also professional footballers and are now also retired. As well as finding success with Arsenal, Wright was considered to be a great player for Crystal Palace too. 

As you can see, there have been some incredible North London Derby scorers who have played some phenomenal matches scoring countless goals. These are arguably some of the football greats and they have dazzled every audience they have played for. 


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