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Top 4 Tips on Redesigning Your Office Layout

When conjuring an image of a traditional office set-up in your mind, you will probably imagine something along Ricky Gervais’ Slough line of thinking.However, more and more businessmen and women are coming to the realisation that an office can be much more specifically targeted to the line of business their company deals in, as to make a more effective, productive, and ultimately efficient working environment.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn the top four tips on redesigning your office layout.

1.    Start-Up Locations Should be Modern & Multi-Functional

First and foremost, if your business has only just launched in the last few months or last year, when looking for office space, the focus needs to be on a simple, modern, and multi-functional aesthetic.

Flexible office set-ups focus on the availability of a standing workspace, couches, and softer chairs for brainstorming activities, inexpensive drinks facilities, and a strong and consistently reliable internet connection with plenty of outlets on the walls.

2.    Natural Light Means Happy Employees

Often, one of the most popular complaints from professionals who, for the vast majority of their working day, work from a traditional office setting is that they feel as if they are ‘coopedup’ all day, every day. In an effort to combat this, remember to design the new layout of the space to maximise the volume of natural light in the room and moreover, swopping overhead light fittings with brighter and moveable table and floor lamps.

Natural light is important for your business and your employees, as it is for every human being, for the following key reasons:

  • Natural light will save you money on your lighting and energy bills
  • Natural light is a valuable source of Vitamin D
  • Being exposed to natural light during the day helps people to develop a sound sleeping pattern at night
  • Natural light can help stave off seasonal depression (SAD)

3.    Motivational Techniques Go a Long Way

Thirdly, you simply cannot deny the clear and obvious link between productive and efficient employees and a cohesive and positive working environment, and as such, as part of your office redesign, you could consider personalising the space with motivational artwork and quotes.

When looking through the myriad of offices to rent in Berkhamsted, make sure you enquire as to whether you are free to redecorate and redesign the layout of each potential premises and get to work motivating your employees by subliminally and direct messages and art.


4.    Privacy is as Important as Teamwork

Even for the workplace team with the closest professional bonds, it may well be the case that the individual nature of your company means your employees take private calls to customers and clients.

If this is the case, you have been automatically tasked with designing a new office layout that simultaneously combines private sections within the space and contributes to a cohesive and community-based team. Privacy screens are an excellent way of partitioning different workstations, again ensuring that nobody is isolated.




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