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Top 5 Casinos to Visit in London

Britain’s first legitimate casino, The Casino Club Port Talbot was established in 1961 in Wales, built by George Alfred James, a famous gambling mogul. The casino’s success prompted the British to re-examine their gambling laws, which led to the Gaming Act of 1968. With this act, English law became a lot more liberal in regards to casinos, and so, today, England is home to some of truly beautiful and extravagant casinos, which every gambler should visit at least once.

Online Casino Sites

Before we get into the best of the casinos that London has to offer, let us first talk about the newest development in the gambling world, online casinos. Sites like these have been around since the early 2000s, however, they truly became popular very recently, in the 2010s. BettingGuide.com offers numerous tips on picking out the best online gambling site for people who would prefer to play classic casino games from the comfort of their own home.

Now that we have discussed all the pertinent information about the development of gambling through the ages, let us discuss the best casinos that one can visit in London.

The Empire Casino

The Empire Casino, often referred to as “a piece of Las Vegas in Leicester Square”, is London’s most extravagant, popular, and in the eyes of many, best casino. Fifty-five thousand square feet of luxury makes The Empire the largest casino in the city, and it definitely earns its size, with over one hundred and twenty slot machines and fifty-something table games.

If you are worried that the casino is too big, do not fret. Four of the best casino bars serve as a wonderful resting stop for tired gamblers who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, and sit down with a nice relaxing drink.

The Hippodrome Casino

The London Hippodrome first opened its doors in 1900, however, at the time it served as a musical hall. It quickly became famous as the place where Charlie Chaplin had his debut. Over the years, the Hippodrome has seen a number of music legends pass through its gates, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

However, the Hippodrome acquired new management in 2009, and three years late it was transformed in to a casino. Or rather, casinos. Three casinos over five floors, with numerous slot machines and gaming tables. On top of that, it also has a theatre with over 300 seats, where the stage adaptation of Magic Mike (titled Magic Mike Live) is hosted.

Les Ambassadeurs

The Les Ambassadeurs is another famous pop culture casino, as it was the stage of the first James Bond film, Dr. No, where Sean Connery first introduced the character to the world of cinema. The casino is one of London’s most prestigious gambling venues, with a membership fee of one thousand pounds.

Les Ambassadeurs is most famous for its baccarat tables (in part thanks to that iconic James Bond scene). Apart from baccarat, the casino has dozens of gaming tables and slot machines. The high-stake games, along with the quality alcohol makes Les Ambassadeurs one of England’s most prestigious casino.

Aspinall Casino

Aspinall is often regarded as one of the most prestigious hotels, along with the Ritz. In fact, it is considered among the most elegant and exclusive of all Mayfair casinos, by many people. The Aspinall is one of the most legendary casinos, and though it maintains an air of discretion, rumors and whispers are bound to spread.


Crockfords gets its name from the 1828 gaming club established by William Crockford, which was situated only a street away. The casino and hotel is truly one to behold. Not only does it have numerous tables and slot machines, the private suites of the hotel are also stocked with free quality champagne, caviar, and lobster.


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