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TOP 5 Tutoring Platforms From All Over the World

Thanks to easy access to internet facilities, more parents are now turning towards online tutoring platforms to supplement their kids’ learning. One thing that must be kept in mind is that it should fit the child’s learning style and study needs no matter what tutoring platform you choose.

Online Tutoring platforms can provide the best way to teach children about different subjects. Now the interactive courses have made learning fun for students.

Do you want to find out the top 5 tutoring platforms which can provide a unique learning experience for your children?

Here they are:

  1. Chegg Study:

 Chegg Study is a very popular online tutoring platform that provides the perfect combination of flexibility, variety of subjects, and affordability. Chegg hires tutors from top universities across the globe. The 24/7 availability of tutors makes it a great platform for students who can learn anytime.

Help with homework problems is also provided by Chegg to understand the homework easily. You can enroll in any subject from engineering to foreign languages and get help on Chegg Study. 

2. UpskillsTutor.com.ng:

 Another tutoring platform that has rapidly gained popularity is UpskillsTutor. They provide the ability for students to connect with tutors in more than 200 cities in Nigeria. Providing a variety of subjects from Mathematics to French, UpskillsTutor can help your child learn easily.

Providing online and offline tutors makes it a complete package. With fast services, you can find the required tutor within a day. The platform is free to use for finding tutors; payment is only required for the different courses.

Tutors can also find students on UpskillsTutor who are willing to learn most efficiently.

 3. Learn To Be:

 Tutoring can be a very pricey service for many families. “Learn To Be” is a great tutoring platform that works as a nonprofit. They allow students to enroll in tutoring programs for various subjects and avail of one-on-one tutoring.

Many parents report improved test scores after the tutoring sessions from this platform.

 4. Tutor.com:

 Tutor.com is a reputable platform that helps students connect with tutors 24/7. They have up to 250 subjects which the students can learn.

Prices on Tutor.com are based on the packages purchased by the user. Tutor.com also has a mobile app that makes it easier to be accessed.

Homework help and learning can be easily availed by the students through this platform. Different sessions for all subjects can be a great way to learn new knowledge.

 5. Preply:

 Preply is a tutoring platform that focuses on language learners. It provides complete packages and native-speaking tutors from different countries of the world.

With the review systems for tutors, it has become very easy to identify the tutor best suited to the needs of the students.

Just read the profile and rates of any tutor and directly order a class to start learning a new language through this tutoring platform.

That’s all for the top tutoring platforms in the world.


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