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Top 5 Universities in London for International Students

London is a top academic location, with most universities from all British cities. There are 18 universities in total, based on the 2022 QS World University Rankings. London has certainly become one of the best places to study in the world. The city provides a nice atmosphere to find what you need to succeed in your studies. That’s why London is a top destination for foreign students.

If you would like to study in this city, look at the following best London schools for foreign students.

Why Choose London For Studying?

Studying overseas is a positive experience for a university student. By studying overseas, students are allowed to live in the other country and take advantage of the attraction and traditions of new territory at its best.

It’s also worthy to note that the previous year, London schools helped students reach 60.9 % of A GCSE to C, including mathematics and English. This is the highest among all regions and is higher than the nationwide medium of 57.3%. If you’ve just started your research on the best studying location in London, but need to get essay help from professional academic writing services and improve your grades, Smart Writing Service is ready to come to your rescue.

The city possesses the largest cohort of young people who have participated in free school lunches – 48% of students on FSM in the city got five good GCSEs as opposed to only 36.8% of the identical group across the nation.

The Best Universities in London for International Students

The real problem is to decide which university is good for you. In light of all the information provided, this may be a difficult resolution. Pick your favorite curriculum, the size of the university, the closeness to principal cities, and the scholarships available to help reduce the options.

Here are 5 utmost universities around London for external students.

Kingston University

Situated near the Thames, just about 30 minutes south-westerly of the city, Kingston is an ideal location for studying. There are post-secondary scholarships and meetings for foreign students. The schoolhouse is small, and there are various accommodations in the vicinity.

University life occupies a prominent place at the University of Kingston. There are four instructional campuses in Kingston, each with its distinctive character and a variety of facilities. The University is investing £260 million in the transformation of these facilities over the next decade. 

The Penrhyn Road Campus is within easy reach of downtown Kingston. This is a dynamic campus where you can find the Kingston Student Union, as well as sports and fitness facilities. The Knights Park campus is located on the banks of the River Thames and houses the University’s art and design programs.

University College London

Global University based in London is a widespread location for external students. It’s one of the top-notch institutions in the UK which can boast of being included in the TOP-10 ranking. Nearly 30% of undergraduates are external, with courses focusing on topics of international interest.

UCL is located in Bloomsbury, London, a lovely area close to Regent’s Park and the British Museum. The UCL is an excellent location for being a student for many reasons: 

  • World-class research having a global impact;
  • 400 educational programs;
  • Students from 150 countries around the world;
  • More than 300 clubs and student organizations;
  • Centrally located in London, the best student city in the world.

UCL is a multidisciplinary university, which welcomes centuries of excellence in teaching medicine in languages, from the right to engineering and history to astrophysics.

Queen Mary University of London

Established in 1785  as the Medical College of London, Queen Mary, University of London is the coalition of four epoch-making medical establishments, including the primary medical institution in England. Its major campus in Mile End, London’s fashionable East End, is the city’s largest independent university campus.

The Queen Mary of the University of London is one of the leading international colleges of the University of London. They take pride in representing 162 nationalities within our team and our students. This one is also amongst London’s top schools for external students.

GCU London

GCU London is the graduate academic schoolhouse of the Caledonian University of Glasgow (GCU), situated in a state-of-the-art setting at the heart of the city. Located in Spitalfields, one of London’s most charming spots, GCU London is close to world-renowned capital cities of finance and fashion. 

The schoolhouse provides students with an unparalleled variety of MBA and MSc programs, superior education, and connections to international companies. This school is one of the top international student schools in London.

Imperial College London

This is an educational spot where all engineers operate alongside clinicians, where scientists work alongside designers while mathematicians working together with enterprise specialists. 

It’s the only institution around Great Britain that focuses on scientific subjects such as engineering, medicine, and marketing. You’ll find a proactive, collaborative discovery environment where you can discover wonderful things every day. It’s one of London’s finest schools for foreign students.

Now, it’s time to make a decision. It’s hard to get off track in a country that is considered a leader in higher education. No matter which one you choose, you’re sure to have the opportunity of both a top education and a good time. In the end, the best university in London for you personally is the one that’ll best suit your career and lifestyle goals.


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