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Top London Web Design Agency Helps Inspire Business Technology Degree Students at Regents University London

Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree students at Regents University London have recently taken advantage of a live entrepreneurship boot camp session hosted by leading London web design agency Creative Brand Design.

The degree course aims to provide students with the foundations they need for launching digital careers or startup businesses.

According to the university’s website, part of the course involves “learning by doing” through technology and enterprise boot camps, such as the one hosted by Creative Brand Design.

Such talks aim to give course students real-world insight into the business world from some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs. It includes discussing the processes, options, and potential pitfalls for those forging a digital career or starting a technology business.

Course Overview

The Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course prepares students for the new economy – emerging high-growth industries that are on the cutting edge of technology.

It focuses on creating tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and technology thought leaders by equipping them with the knowledge and digital capabilities they need to succeed in business. The course teaches several core competencies, including:

  • Negotiation, collaboration, and leadership skills;
  • Business finance, marketing, management and innovation;
  • Time management and critical thinking skills;
  • Technical competencies, such as data analysis and visualisation.

One of the reasons for the course’s existence is to address growing concerns of how some universities and colleges aren’t teaching students the skills they need for everyday, real-life scenarios.

The Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course seeks to overcome those concerns with a rich blend of business theory, tech boot camps and practical, hands-on exercises.

Why a Web Design London Agency?

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the degree course, it requires the input of experts relevant to various aspects of business and technology. For that reason, it made sense for Regents University to work with leading web design London agency Creative Brand Design.

The boot camp hosted by Creative Brand Design achieved two goals. Firstly, as an established company started from humble beginnings, students could learn about the business startup process from the firm’s director, Christopher Baker.

Secondly, the agency could also provide each student with practical help to get started on one of their key projects; the project in question involved creating a web design specification and developing a website.

Creative Brand Design’s involvement with the Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course students enabled them to comprehend the design and business aspects of their project, especially as web design is at the heart of what Creative Brand Design does.

The boot camp hosted by Creative Brand Design consisted of the following elements:

How to Launch a Tech Business

Each course student firstly got a detailed overview of how to establish and manage a business in the technology sector.

One of the key takeaways they learned from such a fundamental stage of running a successful enterprise is that freelancing can turn any interest into a revenue-generating business.

Students also learned how to review market demand and pivot their services to attract lucrative long-term contracts from other businesses and organisations.

The boot camp also talked about how it’s possible to adopt a hybrid business model. Students learned how they could utilise different concepts to use the marketplace better and attract a more global talent pool.

Customer satisfaction was also at the heart of the talks. Students were encouraged to focus on quality assurance and not lose sight of the need to retain their clients and keep them happy.

For the closing section on how to launch a tech business, the degree course students also learned the need to forecast and prevent oversupply situations or not meeting high demands.

Students were told how it makes sense to have a diversified workload where no client takes up more than 5%. Diversified workloads help maintain safe average turnovers and avoid “dry spells” throughout the year.

Real-Life Case Studies

One segment of the business and technology boot camp from Creative Brand Design focused on what’s being delivered in the digital marketplace today.

The talks centred around interactivity and talking about brand storytelling. During this boot camp segment, students also learned about the importance of consistently investing in learning new technologies.

The message from Creative Brand Design was clear: offering the best in storytelling-driven brand experiences gives businesses a winning shot at lucrative contracts from large companies and the public sector.

Students also understood how SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial to all websites and how its framework gets built into all sites by default.

Finally, there was also an emphasis on ensuring each site is interactive. Students were encouraged to consider how animation and video messages can bolster each client’s brand messaging to their target audiences.

The Web Design Process

During the web design process segment of the boot camp, students on the Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course gained a detailed insight into how Creative Brand Design creates websites and online applications for its clients.

The process begins with the Discovery stage, where designers determine the needs of their clients. Next up is Wireframing – planning out an initial design concept. The Prototyping stage is where designers test their ideas in a collaborative environment.

Afterwards, the Development stage involves creating a “beta” version of the elements that work from the wireframing and prototyping phases. Population consists in adding all the necessary content, followed by the Testing and Launch stages.

How the Boot Camp Inspired Students

The result of Creative Brand Design’s boot camp is that Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship degree course students received one-to-one guidance and support from a leading industry expert.

Students learned about the business aspects of running a digital agency like Creative Brand Design. They also learned the process of scoping, designing, and testing a website – something they’ll need to do as part of their coursework.

Alongside the boot camp, a Q&A session also provided students with additional support. It helped bolster a framework they can use in the future for becoming entrepreneurs or forging careers in digital technology.

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