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Top Things to Do and See in London – A Guide for Any Budget

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This stunning destination welcomes more than 30 million visitors every year, most of which choose to come back after their first visit.

But as any of you are well-aware, some popular activities in London are sometimes on a bit pricier side. So, visitors may end up having to choose which one to see, particularly if they’re travelling on a budget.

That being said, here’s a guide for some of the top things to do and see if you’re visiting London, that can easily fit any budget.

Join the locals

One of the best ways to truly get the feel for the city you’re visiting is to simply join the locals! Londoners are quite a welcoming crowd, so any tourist can easily find locals that will be more than willing to take them on a “guided tour” of some of their favourite activities. So, enjoy a pint or two at the local pub or simply watch the locals as they enjoy some free daily spins. Make sure you ask them about the best places to grab a snack and don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some of the best fish and chips you’ve ever had!

Visit the museums

As one of the biggest cultural cities in the world, London has a lot to offer, particularly to all the history buffs out there. So, if you ever find yourself visiting London, make sure you visit at least one of their world-famous museums. Keep in mind, however, that although the British capital is home to numerous museums and thus various exhibitions, not all of them will be available free of charge. Therefore, make sure you do some research and see which ones are free if your budget is tight, or make it your goal to explore all of them if your budget allows it.

Explore famous landmarks

Sightseeing is probably one of the most popular activities among tourists. If you’re visiting a place you’ve never been before, it’s only natural that you’ll want to see as much of it as you can possibly fit in your visit. That’s why, if you’re visiting London, make sure you explore all the famous landmarks. The Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral are just some of the places that instantly come to mind.

Visit Platform 9 and ¾

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then you absolutely must visit the famous Platform 9 and ¾. Located at the King’s Cross train station, the platform 9 and ¾ is free to visit and even take photos at – if you can handle the queue, that is. But, waiting in line for such an opportunity is something millions of Harry Potter fans are more than happy to do, just to get the opportunity to visit this magical place and see it with their own eyes.

Cross the famous Abbey Road Crossing and take a picture

No matter if you’re visiting London on your own or you’re accompanied by a group of friends, the world-famous Abbey Road Crossing is something you definitely shouldn’t miss. So, stand where the great Beatles once stood and don’t forget to snap photos of you crossing the road, mimicking the famous album cover. Even if you’re not a die-hard Beatles fan yourself, you will agree that this opportunity should not be missed. The best part – it’s completely free and fits right into any budget.

 Needless to say, aside from the aforementioned things to do and see in London, there are numerous other activities and places you can check out. Even though not everything can be free, some things are more than worth spending some money on. So, plan your trip wisely and make a perfect balance between paid and free things to do and see in London, to make the most out of your visit.


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