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Types of corporate video that promote your products

Corporate videos have become an important branding tool for the company as well as a very effective resource for sharing content on social media and other platforms.  They help to communicate about our services, products and the brand in general. Thanks to this, conversions increase and more potential buyers appear.

What is corporate video?

Corporate videos are audiovisual materials produced by a company and aimed at explaining or promoting its products, services, or brand image.

According to some studies, today 60% of companies around the world use video as a marketing tool in one way or another.  Additionally, the same page explains that 74% of marketers say video has a higher ROI (return on investment) than static images in promotions and online ads like Google Ads.

The benefits of corporate videos include better conversions, more time on page, and lower bounce and bounce rates, which strengthens the efforts of companies to position themselves on Google.

Types of corporate video that promote your products

What types of corporate videos are there?

Finally, let’s move on to the main question of today’s article and analyze the main video styles for business.

Brand Video

Typical content for a website home page or an About Us page.  It consists of collecting the keys to a company’s brand (values, history, actions, or other interesting facts) in a relatively short but engaging and easy to remember video.


Conferences, exhibitions, professional meetings … All these are events that have the potential to help promote a company and its position as an authority in the industry.  Thanks to corporate videos of events, the number of such cases is increasing.

Social media videos

Some of the quality content on social media involves working on videos that grab attention and set the company apart from a lot of content on these platforms.  In addition, some social networks, such as Facebook, prioritize video content over others, thereby expanding its reach.

Corporate Videos By Email

Super Office estimates that including video in emails increases the click-through rate (in other words, the number of people opening the content you send them) by 200-300%.  For example, corporate videos about a new product or service might work.

Positive feedback videos

Positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients reassure those who are not yet familiar with your business.  While it is possible to collect these opinions in writing, as is the case with Google My Business files, corporate testimonial videos validate their validity.  Subsequently, you can include this content, for example, on a corporate website or on a key landing page.

Videos with frequently asked questions

Many corporate sites have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sections.  However, adding a video containing this type of video content makes it more dynamic and engaging for users.  An example of this type of corporate video would be an employee answering questions on camera.

Product show

Written product descriptions can be very helpful in SEO positioning of a website.  However, they can be supplemented with a video showing that the product is being used, or, if necessary, include a quick start guide.

Ultimately, corporate videos can significantly add value to companies as they form part of and integrate with an end-to-end digital marketing strategy.

If you decide to order such a video for your business, be sure to get more info before that.

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