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UK says 3,000 Eurovision tickets reserved for Ukrainian refugees

LONDON, UK: The UK government has announced that it has made 3,000 tickets available for people displaced from Ukraine to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The government also said it would provide $12 million in funding to host Eurovision in May on behalf of Ukraine, which would have won the 2022 tournament and would normally have hosted it the following year. Due to Russia’s 2022 invasion, the country was unable to host the competition.

“Today’s announcement means that thousands of tickets will be made available to those displaced by war so they can honor their country, their culture and their music,” said Lucy Fraser, Britain’s Secretary of Culture. Allows you to participate in the show.

The northern English city of Liverpool will host Eurovision 2023. England finished runner-up last year.

http://www.unitedkingdomnews.net/news/273584189/uk-says-3000-eurovision-tickets-set-aside-for-ukrainian-refugees UK says 3,000 Eurovision tickets reserved for Ukrainian refugees

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