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UK Weather – Britons received warning of 70 mph winds and heavy rain this weekend

BRITS have been warned to prepare for 70 mph winds and heavy rain this weekend, with a yellow weather warning in effect.

Flood over one hand 84 alerts and warnings It will be in place over the weekend, but may stay that way for some time.


Strong winds and strong winds are approachingCredit: LNP
Over 80 flood warnings issued


Over 80 flood warnings issuedCredit: Terry Harris

Northern Scotland is experiencing some of the worst weather in the UK and high winds can disrupt travel.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warns that driving will be difficult, especially on exposed bridges, causeways and elevated routes.

It is also believed that storms can cause homes to lose power.

Meanwhile, forecasters say flooding is possible in parts of southern England from groundwater over the next five days.

It's a big blow for key workers to go on strike when Britain is at risk of bad weather
British prepare for floods with urgent warning for heavy rains and travel disruptions

It can also come from some rivers in the West Midlands after recent heavy rains.

Localized flooding is also possible in parts of southern England on Saturday.

Land, roads and some facilities may be flooded, hindering movement.

Meanwhile, the Japan Meteorological Agency says there may be snow This month – but limited to the highlands of northern England, most likely in the Scottish highlands.

A meteorologist said: England The first half of January means rain and wind for many.

“Rain and showers are often the heaviest and most frequent in the western and northwestern parts of the country, but the areas further south and eastern are never affected.

“Temperatures are expected to be close to or above average overall, with sleet and snow likely to be limited to the northern highlands.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20957522/uk-weather-brits-gale-winds-rain/ UK Weather – Britons received warning of 70 mph winds and heavy rain this weekend

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