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UK’s most dangerous areas for robbery revealed – is your town at the top of the list?

The areas where British homes are most likely to be burgled have been revealed.

The Sun has revealed where people are most likely to be in the UK theft victim.


Latest ONS figures show where burglaries are most commonCredit: Getty


Greater Manchester is currently the ‘England’s Robbery Capital’ with the highest crime rate per 1,000 population.

Between January and December of last year, they recorded the highest number of attacks on homes and businesses.

A number is calculated to indicate the level. crime proportional to the number of people living there.

According to the latest ONS statistics, Manchester has a whopping 29.6 robberies per 1,000 people.

that is 2 years in a row The Northwest area took the top spot.

that resounds nearby cleveland and south yorkshire 28.6 cases per 1,000 people were reported to the police.

Surprisingly met the police The numbers rank sixth with 21.3 robberies.

in contrast, Devon and cornwall It’s the safest area for robberies, with only 5 per capital.

hotspot manchester

security expert Elizabeth Jones There is one reason in particular that Manchester has more robberies than any other town or city.

the owner of Locksmith L&E Ltd The Sun says:

“This gives potential criminals the opportunity to cover many homes very quickly in one space.

“The robberies are usually not prearranged. They’re usually just swinging their arms around the door.

“Targeting an area as densely populated as Manchester means they can cover it quickly and have a better chance of success.”

it comes after Over 1 million robberies and thefts dropped by police Last year, the terrible numbers showed.

Troops in England and Wales stopped investigating 1,145,254 cases after failing to find a suspect.

of home office The data also reveal that the rate of all crimes leading to arrests and prosecutions has dropped from more than 15% seven years ago to just 5.4%.

Police were unable to even find a suspect in the crime, costing an average of £1,400 per burglary.

They were just a few of the 2 million total crimes shelved by detectives, including 300,000 violent crimes.

Also, the overall prosecution rate (the percentage of all crimes that result in a suspect being arrested and prosecuted) has dropped from over 15% seven years ago to just 5.4%.

home security tips

Johns says there is one particular thing that Britons can do to prevent their belongings from being stolen from their homes.

She said: “The number one way thieves break into our homes is by snapping the keys. This could be the front door or the back door.

“This is when they snap the lock off the door so that it can easily swing open for entry.

“This makes it very easy and fast to enter and exit the facility without anyone noticing.

“What you can do to prevent this is to make sure your door locks are high security, what we call snap resistant.

“This means they can’t use the technique well.

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“You may be able to unlock it, but you can’t get inside.

“Generally, it acts as a strong deterrent because they know it’s a snap-resistant lock and probably won’t try.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21796246/uks-most-dangerous-areas-for-burglaries-revealed/ UK’s most dangerous areas for robbery revealed – is your town at the top of the list?

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