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University feminist scholar says he self-censors his views on transgender issues

Feminist academics say their views on transgender issues stem from online trolls where they have been overlooked for work, physically banned, removed from events, killed or raped. They practice self-censorship because they face a series of “hells”.

Researcher Laura Favaro sex city ​​university problem Londoninterviewed 14 feminists who believe there are “dual and immutable” biological differences between men and women.

So-called “gender-critical” feminists have been abused, threatened, deplatformed, vilified, “blocked from work, and lost career advancement opportunities” in academia because of their views on sex and sexuality. claimed to have been targeted. sex.

Some described being physically excluded from the event and even the recipient of online incitement to murder.

One criminologist described her experience as “a hellish streak”, while others early in their careers feared being “disfellowshipped” from publicizing their views. “Too scary,” he admitted. “Hide in the shadows”.

Times Higher Education contributor Miss Favaro argues that proponents of “transinclusive feminism” have almost complete control over academic freedom, meaning that what is discussed in departments and published in scholarly journals. Interviewees said they warned about deciding whether to publish or not.

Thousands join the Trans + Pride march from Wellington Arch to Soho in July

As one scholar puts it: It’s not our context.

“I don’t want to lose my job and I don’t want to put my kids at risk, so it’s incredibly anxiety-inducing. I know my kids can be at risk.”

Miss Favaro wrote: “Of course, as interviewees repeatedly said, I feared harming my career and beyond by fomenting a ‘difficult conversation.’ I’m here.

“But at the same time, why would you want to work in academia if you can’t do academic work? What’s scarier than being hated is being gagged.

A barrister who won in court against her after discriminating against her for her beliefs about gender rights has resumed her fight against the controversial LGBT charity.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and friend Alison Bailey (who herself is hated for her views) said Garden Court Chambers withheld her work and took her spirit away. accused him of trying to smash.

Laura Favaro, who studies gender issues at City University of London

Laura Favaro, who studies gender issues at City University of London

She said it happened after she criticized Stonewall’s trance policies, including recommending changing pronouns from “she and he” to “they and their.”

Bailey, who is a lesbian, believes sex is biological and cannot be changed, and the word “woman” is defined as “an adult human female”. won £22,000 in damages from the GCC after winning part of the However, she lost part of her case on her allegation that Stonewall directed or induced treatment by the chamber.

Today she announced that she has appealed part of the court’s ruling.

Within minutes of the ruling, the Harry Potter writer tweeted: “Allison Bailey is a heroine to me and countless other feminists because she refused to abandon her beliefs and principles over the facts of intimidation and discrimination.” Congratulations,” he added, “and I couldn’t be more proud of my friend.”

In December 2018, Ms. Bailey said Stonewall advocated “trans extremism” and was complicit in a campaign of intimidation against those who questioned their gender identity, arguing that the floor was criticizing Stonewall’s diversity. I complained to my colleagues about being champion.

She founded the LGB Alliance group, which claims there are conflicts between the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and Stonewall’s advocacy group, which includes the claim that “trans women are women.” I am against many of the policies.

The court released tweets saying the GCC was investigating Bailey, claiming that two of Bailey’s tweets “are likely to violate key obligations[of the Bar Standards Board],” Stonewall said. The GCC found that Bailey discriminated against him by supporting the allegations of

However, allegations in 2019 that it discriminated against and victimized her by withholding instructions and work, plaintiff’s economic loss, allegations of indirect discrimination by the GCC, and stonewall asking the GCC to discriminate against her. Allegations that it directed, caused, or induced the .

In December 2018, Ms Bailey complained to her colleagues about the GCC becoming Stonewall Diversity Champions, saying the group advocated for “trans extremists” and those who questioned their gender identity. claimed to be complicit in an intimidation campaign.

In October 2019, she was involved in founding the LGB Alliance advocacy group to fight “gender extremism”.

Her tweets against the transgender rights campaign led to tweets and complaints being sent to the GCC, claiming her views were transphobic and damaged the GCC’s reputation.

The court found that Stonewall wanted to replace sex with gender identity, that an absolutist tone defending gender identity complicit in threats against women, women’s rights and lesbian homosexuality held her gender-critical belief that it eroded Orientation was a protected belief under the Equality Act.

The reserved judgment supported her allegation that the GCC discriminated against her because of her beliefs, tweeted that the complaint would be investigated under the Complaints Procedure, and in December 2019 two of her tweets went to court. I found that it was likely to violate the opinion of the lawyer.Core business.

GCC was ordered to pay damages of £22,000 and interest of £4,693.33 for offending.

At the time, the Chamber of Commerce said it was “carefully reviewing the ruling with its legal team, with an eye to appeal,” but has yet to do so.

A Stonewall spokesperson said, “The recent decision by the Employment Tribunal found that Stonewall did not direct, cause or induce Garden Court Chambers to discriminate against Alison Bailey. .

“We have not been notified by the Employment Appeals Tribunal of the appeal from Allison Bailey, but if we receive it, we will defend it vigorously.”

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11231805/Feminist-academics-universities-say-self-censor-views-trans-issues.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490 University feminist scholar says he self-censors his views on transgender issues

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