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Urgent alert to parents as schoolchild collapses from inhaling cannabis vapor mixture

An urgent warning was issued to parents after a schoolchild collapsed after inhaling a mixture of cannabis derivatives and e-cigarettes.

Police urged people to talk to children about the dangers of e-cigarettes as a group of suspected pranksters were left in hospital after being drugged in Sleaford. lincolnshire.


Parents asked to have ‘frank’ talks with children after at least three children collapsed in Lincolnshire townCredit: Getty
Police believe children were given substance by youths of Sleaford, Lincolnshire


Police believe children were given substance by youths of Sleaford, LincolnshireCredit: Google Maps

Cops suspect group of young people mixed THC arc Provided liquids to unsuspecting children in the center of town.

At least three young people collapsed from this and required hospital treatment, but all have since recovered.

THC is a psychoactive element cannabis Main reason for being a controlled substance, unlike anti-inflammatory drugs CBD It is legal in the UK despite being derived from the same plant.

inhale vape can be misused to inhale cannabis-derived liquids, synthetic drug.

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Sergeant Stuart Mumby-Croft of the Sleaford Neighborhood Police Team said: lincolnshire live: “We have reported an incident in which three children have collapsed in the center of town.

“Based on our research, we believe some young people may have mixed THC[a derivative of]. cannabis) provided liquids, including vape liquids, to children who were unaware of the mixture of substances.

“We have worked with all three local schools to advise parents on this issue and would like to take this opportunity to reinforce this message about speaking to children on this issue. . E-cigarette danger In general, especially when receiving e-cigarettes or e-cigarette drugs from others. “

In a letter to parents, Sergeant Mumby-Croft added that there was no suggestion that the children involved knew what THC was and voluntarily inhaled it.

He explained that one of the police’s theories was that it was part of a “very dangerous and misguided” prank.

He continued: “We are now entering an era where our children are much more likely to smoke e-cigarettes than smoke cigarettes.inhale vape Giving children the opportunity to ingest nicotine far more discreetly than by lighting a fire. cigarette Detected risks are more limited.

“Kids under 18 shouldn’t be able to buy it, but the volume I’ve found among teenagers is especially cheap. disposable arcis expensive.

“I am confident that I do not need to tell you about the dangers of your child receiving, borrowing, or purchasing a vape from another student, friend, or colleague.

“While we must ask children to discuss the dangers of both e-cigarettes and nicotine addiction openly with children, it is unwise and risky to trust anyone willing to offer or sell e-cigarettes on the street. I need to emphasize the message that it accompanies the .”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/21806273/urgent-warning-kids-collapse-cannabis-vape/ Urgent alert to parents as schoolchild collapses from inhaling cannabis vapor mixture

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