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Use of Thermalite Blocks in Construction

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your foundation, cavity wall or solid wall projectsto name a few then the Thermalite aircrete block is an ideal building material. The thermalite blocksis eco-friendly building materials that consist of trapped air pockets, a micro cellular structure guarantees compressive strength, lightweight and high thermal insulation, and moisture resistance.

What are thermalite blocks used for?

An extensive range of thermalite blocks ensures supply of cost-effective building solutions for walls, floors, and projects below the ground. The high level of performance enables the application in the wide range of applications.

The thermalite blocks are easy to work with, below is a list of applications that these blocks are predominantly used for:


The thermalite blocks are suitable for construction of solid foundation walls below the ground as the lightweight blocks are resistant to frost and moisture.

Solid walls

The thermalite blocks enable an efficient and fast way of constructing walls that offer excellent U value. The are produced in the optimal thickness that makes them to comply with the special requirements and an ideal material for Solid wall construction.

Cavity walls

The thermalite blocks are widely utilised in construction of inner and outer leaves conjunction with a cavity,the breeze blocks can carry the substantial structural load.

Separating Walls

The light blocks are also widely used as a sound insulating and separating building material.


The blocks are also used in construction of partition walls this as a result can significantly reduce sound transmission. The light blocks make an ideal background that enables easy fixing.

Benefits of thermalite blocks

Moisture resistance

The moisture resistance of thermalite block is achieved through trapped air pockets in the aircrete blocks that prevents the passage of water.


The breeze blocks have high load bearing capacity and therefore can be used in loadbearing walls constructions.

Fire resistant

The lightweight blocks provide good fire protection as they classed as non-combustible in accordance with BS EN 771-4.

Insulation Properties

The cheap breeze blocks have excellent thermal performance and can significantly reduce the need to additional insulation.

To sum up if you are looking for lightweight blocks that are exceptionally strong andlight to handle then the light weight block with micro-cellular structure is what should be looking for.  MGN Builders Merchants in London is a reliable and trusted supplier of thermalite blocks to public and trade at the most competitive prices. Their blocks are compliant with CDM Regulations. For a full building material range please check their website https://www.mgnbm.co.uk/ .












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