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Using Web Scraping For Pricing Intelligence.

Web scraping can be used to benefit various aspects of a business. From marketing to competitor analysis and everything in between, web harvesting can be used to make the best decisions for your business. Web scraping can be particularly helpful when it comes to pricing intelligence and finding the best bargains. But where do you begin to use web harvesting for pricing intelligence?

This article will cover what web scraping and pricing intelligence is. We’ll also look at how web harvesting can improve your pricing intelligence. Finally, we’ll also look at the tools needed to start web scraping, including using an IPv4 proxy, like the ones provided by Smarproxy. Keep reading to discover how web harvesting can help you track prices.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the process of using a tool to collect data and information from many different websites. The tool then compiles the information in your chosen format, such as a spreadsheet, to be analyzed for valuable insights.

Web scraping can be used to influence the following areas of your business:

  • Monitoring customer sentiment
  • Conducting market research
  • Discovering social media influencers
  • Monitoring market trends
  • Monitoring competitors
  • Analyzingcompetitors SEO strategies
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Much more

What Is Pricing Intelligence?

Pricing intelligence refers to being aware of market-level pricing. Pricing intelligence can be a rather complex topic. It means that businesses have to monitor their competitors’ prices frequently to ensure that they can adjust their own pricing strategy as needed to maintain a competitive edge.

The most basic approach is looking at your competitors’ prices for the same or similar products. However, this is just the most basic use. You can do far more to improve your pricing intelligence and using web scraping tools with an IPv4 proxy is the best way to collect this information.

Pricing intelligence also looks at any promotions offered or any services, such as packaging or shipping, that may impact the final price. By doing this, a business can discover the most competitive price for their products and additional extras that could sway a customer, such as free shipping.

How Can Web Scraping Help Improve Your Pricing Intelligence?

By scraping competitors’ product listings and prices, you can gain valuable insights into their pricing strategies, market position and more. You can use this information to evaluate where to make improvements to your pricing strategy or even the products you have on offer.

You can easily set up a dynamic pricing strategy to always keep prices competitive and look for other ways to add more value to your products, such as including shipping or using special packaging. Another example is if your competitors sell similar products, but they offer the customer the chance to bundle products for extra savings. That is an edge you might want to consider for your own pricing strategy.

Another example of industries that rely on web scraping for pricing intelligence is sneaker reselling. Sneaker proxies are specialized sneaker scraping proxies. With these tools, a user can collect valuable information regarding the release of limited-edition sneakers, including the cost at release. They can also use these tools to increase their chances of getting a pair (or multiple) of limited-edition sneakers which they can then resell for a profit. These web scraping tools can also help them track demand in the market so that they can resell the sneakers when the demand is highest, making the biggest possible profit. The sneaker reselling industry and the use of web harvesting tools and proxies go hand-in-hand and let many people earn an income from reselling sneakers.

Tools Needed For Web Scraping

Web scraping can be done using specialized tools called web scrapers. Some popular tools include Octoparse, Parsehub and Smart Scraper. With these tools, you just input the information you want to collect, such as certain product prices or product ranges (with pricing) and let the tool automatically collect all the information for you.

Another tool that is needed when web scraping is a reliable IPv4 proxy. These proxies rotate, so each request is made with a new residential proxy with an IPv4 address. IPv4 is the current most popularly used IP, and as such, using this proxy means you’ll have access to most websites as most of them support IPv4. The proxy will protect your IP address by hiding it and keep you from getting banned since different IPs are used for your requests.

Final Thoughts

Web scraping can have a big impact on your pricing intelligence. Not only can it help you identify competitive prices, but it can also help you identify promotions that do well and added extras that can convert clients. By using web harvesting for pricing intelligence, you can ensure your business is charging the best price and using good promotions and value adding extras to convert more clients.


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