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Vegan Running Shoes: Why It Matters?

Have you been pondering the idea of living a compassionate life and making a move toward building a cruelty-free wardrobe? We suggest you start with these high-performance vegan sneakers. Take note that you are making a wise investment for a better planet and environment that your feet and animals will appreciate.

The plant-based lifestyle and vegan fashion are still gaining traction, and because of that, it is harder to get all fair-trade and organic certifications as a result of the industry’s current growth. Although more vegans are placing pressure on brands to be more transparent in their supply chains as well as businesses becoming more conscious throughout the world, we still believe the industry will continue to develop and improve. If you’re looking for men’s and women’s trainers, you don’t have to compromise on quality if you want to go vegan.

Here are some companies that create vegan running shoes that you can choose from.

group of people running on stadium


 Despite the fact that ASICS trainers aren’t all vegan-friendly, many of their products are headed towards sustainability and cruelty-free standards. The company uses waste products, including organic fibers, wood pulp, and sugar cane, and uses water-based glues to minimize the environmental impact. The brand of Asics running shoes is well known for saving the world, but runners and athletes enjoy the shoe’s shock-absorbing and gait-correcting features, which ensure maximum performance on the field and in the gym.


 Hemp and recycled polyester are used to make Astral footwear. Adding these two materials together results in a shoe that is ideal for people who want to walk long distances as well as those who want to go on short hikes. The plant-based fabric is known for its durability and high quality, as hemp is breathable, high-quality material. It is also known for its longevity due to its rot resistance.


 The Newton brand was one of the first athletic footwear companies to offer vegans equal access to footwear that is in line with the company’s philosophy and lifestyle. In addition to delivering quality footwear, Newton also offers a unique combination of comfort and stability your feet will absolutely love.

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 As a vegan shoe manufacturer, Xero has given importance to your feet, the foundation of your body, paying attention to the soles specifically. Their running shoes allow you to move freely and comfortably in many different ways, such as bending, flexing, or even feeling the earth with maximum comfort. Xero runners did not form because they are vegan, but they believe in providing running shoes suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well.


Women and men can purchase cruelty-free running shoes from this brand. Brooks vegan running shoes provide a great running companion for those who find running therapeutic. A goal of their company is to produce running gear that seems to have been designed just for you; following the grooves on your feet so that you can run easier, faster, and with more comfort. Their shoe finder tab can direct you to a pair of quality trainers that will fit you perfectly. Among the brand’s sustainability goals is its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as the amount of carbon dioxide released as a result of the use of sustainable materials, reducing waste, and reducing chemical usage across the board.


 Compared to other brands of vegan footwear, Topo is a relative newcomer, but they are certainly not lacking in quality or experience. Offering cruelty-free running shoes to let your feet perform like an athlete, they aim to make them as comfortable as possible. Designed for securing your feet from midfoot to heel while also allowing your toes to spread. Topo running shoes are made of lightweight materials that provide a perfect fit, thanks to their low drop platforms. Latex and animal products are not used in their products for either the materials or adhesives.

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 The vegan shoes from Merrell for men and women are made without animal products, and they’re also built in a comfortable and stylish manner. All levels of runners – from beginners to advanced – can enjoy the perfect running experience at Vegan Run. Also incredibly kind to the environment, these kicks are manufactured from high-quality synthetic materials designed to last and produce a minimum amount of waste.

Increasingly, consumers are considering the environment and animal welfare when making their purchases. Consumption is becoming more conscious, and companies are responding by introducing more sustainable products. We hope this guide helps you start living a healthy, environmentally-friendly fitness routine!


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