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Visa Guide To Working in the US

Your quest to find a job in the US requires you to possess the necessary and relevant skills or skill-sets that an employer wants. It would be incorrect to assume that you will get a job because you have qualifications or earned some advanced course certification. No one automatically gets a job.

It would be ideal to look at the requirements while finding a relevant job or work area in the US. While possessing degrees or qualifications might add value to your overall capabilities, it may not be the only deciding factor. Finding a work area and job in the US requires thorough preparation.

It is incredibly vital to have an appropriate visa. When in doubt about the type and nature of visa required, it is best to consult expert legal advisors like Total Law immigration.

If you already have a job in the US, are planning to have your spouse join you and work, it would be best to apply for an immigration spouse visa. This visa will enable your spouse to join you in the US and gain employment once all the formalities are complete.

Can A Student Visa Help?

If you are currently a student and planning to visit the US to study and get a job, the most preferred visa application for international students in the US is the F1 student visa. This visa must be applied through the American Consulate or Embassy in your home country. Once you have completed your education, and if you gain employment, the employer can help you with a work visa (H1-B Visa).

What If I’m Not A Student?

Moving ahead from being a student, consider that you, as the applicant, possess the skill set required for a particular work area. It is necessary for you to documentarily prove that you have the specialization that makes you stand out and preferred, compared to several other applicants.

Obtaining the correct and relevant visa will also depend on the job and work area you are looking for in the US. The most crucial aspect still becomes having a skill set that makes your trade an in-demand specialization. This will enable getting a job much quicker.

Is the H1-B Visa Helpful?

Once a suitable job is offered to you, the employer can apply for an H1-B Visa on your behalf. This is the sponsorship visa from your new employer in the US. The H1-B visa is undoubtedly the most common and popular work visa in the US. It is meant for non-US residents and foreign nationals aspiring to work in some of the specialized work areas in the US.

Aspirants from all over the world try for the H1-B type of visa. To qualify for this visa, you must have a US company’s documented and firm job offer. The employer has to confirm to the authorities that you, as the applicant, would hold a specialized position in the company. The employer will be eligible to apply for your H1-B visa post the documentation.

What About The L1 Visa?

Among the other types of popular work visas in the US, there is also the L1 Visa. This visa is crucial for any person who is likely to be transferred to work in the US and is currently employed in an overseas company affiliated to or is part of a larger group of companies associated with a US company.

This type of visa is also categorized as a non-immigrant visa for employees. This visa is meant for employees being transferred to a US-based branch within the group of companies. The fundamental condition for eligibility to qualify for an L1 visa is that the person should have been working in the affiliate non-US company for a minimum period of one continuous year preceding the date of visa application.

There are many ways to look at the possibilities of working in the US. Also, there are multiple visa options available for aspiring applicants. There is an extensive selection of options, depending on the work’s type, nature, specialization, and occupational area. Therefore, it is critical to study and choose the appropriate visa type to meet the eligibility criteria for your visit and stay in the US. Also, it is helpful to remember that each classification or category will have its demarcated requirements, terms, and conditions for applying.

The cost of each visa category also differs, which is why it is necessary to ensure that subject matter experts are consulted on every step of the visa application process before deciding on which US visa is the most appropriate one for you.

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