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Vivienne Westwood’s outstanding fashion moments

No good vivienne westwoodthe punk icon, environmentalist and extraordinary designer has died at the age of 81.

She emerged on the fashion scene in the 1970s with androgynous designs, slogan t-shirts and an irreverent attitude towards the establishment.

Since then, she has continued to break boundaries.

She has been responsible for some of fashion’s most famous designs, incorporating the ‘mini clini’, a shortened version of the corset. victorian Crinoline Dress – Carrie Bradshaw’s bridal dress in the 2008 Sex and the City movie.

The designer has also made a name for herself as an activist, taking public protests to raise awareness for causes close to her heart.

Take a look at some of her own standout fashion moments.

Receive her OBE…

When awarded her OBE in 1992, Westwood wore a perfectly tailored skirt suit and a matching gray hat. Her outfit may have been modest, but she soon started spinning for photographers.

westwood is back Buckingham Palace In 2006, she was made female and again without underwear, but she refrained from twirling this time.

At the opening of her V&A exhibition…

V&A in 2004 museum An exhibition of Westwood’s designs, she attended the opening in an appropriately provocative style, wearing a red coat dress that clashed with bright orange hair and two small hairpins on her head. Silver devil horns.

At the Fashion Awards…

Dame Vivian has won multiple Fashion Awards and has been named Designer of the Year twice. At the 2009 awards ceremony, she experimented with proportions in a bright orange jacket with big shoulders and her sleek chiffon dress with a slit underneath.

Collaboration with Burberry…

In 2018, Westwood collaborated with another British fashion giant, Burberry. Westwood appeared in the campaign alongside Kate Moss, matching her iconic Burberry checks with her signature platform her shoes and wild hair.

Protest against fracking…

Westwood often brought a performance element to her protests.In December 2018, she dressed as an angel holding a slate to protest fracking, reframing the 12 days of Christmas as the 12 days until climate collapse. Did.

In 2014, she also shaved off her trademark orange hair to protest climate change.

https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/vivienne-westwood-buckingham-palace-dame-victorian-museum-b2253320.html Vivienne Westwood’s outstanding fashion moments

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